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Please choose from the drop down menu how long you have been into the AB/DL scene.
I have brothers or sisters
I don't have brothers or sisters
I wear baby disposable diapers (Pampers, huggies or other)
I wear adult or youth disposable diapers (Attends, depends or other)
I wear both cloth and disposable diapers for children (1 Month-15yrs)
I wear both cloth and disposable diapers for adults (15yrs-up)
I wear makeshift diapers (Made from towels or other materials)
I don't wear diapers at all
I change myself
Someone else changes me
I don't wear diapers so don't need to be changed
I wear Diapers/Goodnites only at night
I wear Diapers/Goodnites only during the day
I wear Diapers/Goodnites both during the day and night
I don't wear Diapers/Goodnites at all
I have a AB mommy
I have a AB daddy
I don't have a AB parent