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I asked my question awhile ago, why didn't it get answered?
      We get in several questions per month and we only have one person (Gypsy) who answers them. They first get checked for spelling errors with a program, and then sent to Gypsy to be answered. She then answers the question to the best of her abilities. If the question needs research, it sometimes can take as much as a week to track down web sites with the answer to some of the questions asked to her. Then when she is done the questions are sent to me to be hand typed onto the web site, while editing out all but the name, age, question and answer for each person from the information I got. Each question submitted takes in all about 1-5 hours spent on, on average with everything from the time we get it, to the time it makes it to the site. Which is why, we only do updates once a month, on the first of the month. If your question is asked at the beginning of the month, you can expect to see it posted on the site on the first of the following month. That's how it works. You have to remember that there is only two people who actually work on the site constuction itself, myself and gypsy. The others are moderators for the message board. 

What is the best disposable diaper?
There are many products out on the market. They each have their strengths and weaknesses.  For overall use we like the Molicare and the Uniquebrief.  But what I would suggest is to order a sampler pack from whichever on-line diaper store you are using.  Use each of the products and see which one better suits your needs.

How do you make a diaper out of things around the house?
We actually located a video that someone did on how to make a diaper out of a towel, a 13 gallon kitchen bad (the white ones), and a pair of underwear or boxers (to hold everything up). The video is located at: http://s143.photobucket.com/albums/r140/

Can you send me diapers for free?
Sorry to say we cannot.  We are just two people running a site- we have no diaper making factory in our home.  And we also have almost 800 members- to just send 1 diaper to each one of them would put us on the street.  We do appreciate that some of you have hardships-we have them also (being on disability). But we just don't have the funds to do something like that- sorry.

How can I make myself wet the bed?
The obvious answer is to drink a lot and don't use the bathroom before bed. There are hypnosis tapes and all that stuff out there- we really don't approve of using any means that will harm you medically.  We have had members who have gone to extreme methods only to end up in the hospital with a permanent injury.  Please do no harm to yourself.  Use no object/device on your person to make yourself go.  In the future any amount of control you might have will be 'golden' to you. There is a program someone came up with that takes 12 months (sometimes less if you are really commited to it). You can check it out here: http://www.deeker.com/Articles/twelve_month_diaper

I have a hard time pinning my cloth diaper on myself. Is there a better way, and what’s the best way to fold a cloth diaper?
There are many ways to fold a diaper. You can fold it in thirds and open each side at the top to resemble wings- repeat for the bottom sides and secure. You can make a triangle and bring one side up through the legs and the other sides up on each side meet in the center and secure. The only way to pin- is to pin tightly using a baby pin (they don't unhook) If you have pre-made cloth diapers- they can also have Velcro or snaps as an option for closing.

How do I make my mom put me back in diapers?
You can't make someone do something they are not willing to do. If they are not open-minded about things chances are they will not be agreeable with this. It might be a sincere wish on your part but you can't control someone else's mind.

How do I tell my mom I want to wear diapers?
My first question is- Does she really need to know? We have had a lot of our teen members tell their parents they want to wear diapers.  The results are not favorable- only a few had parents that were willing to at least have an open mind about it and try.  For most it was bad- we have one member whose father immediately put her in psychiatric therapy. Only you know the mind-set of your parent. Are they open-minded? Is this something you think they might understand?  If you have doubts I would just keep it to myself. One way though to test if your mom would be accepting of it is to say something along the lines of "Hey mom, my friend told me today he is still in diapers and enjoys how they make him feel. What do you think about him doing that?". You can judge from her responce if she will be open minded enough to accept you wanting to wear diapers. If she says something like "That boy is just sick" or "That is disgusting" then it probably wouldn't be a good thing to tell her you have a interest in diapers and enjoy wearing them. Of course that is not the best situation but at least you won't be on a doctors couch explaining about why you want to wear diapers.

How can I get my mom to treat me like a baby again?
Like one of the previous questions- you can't make someone do something they don't want to do. If your parent have an open-mind and you believe they would go along with it- you could try mentioning it. But like I said you can't make them do it if they don't want to. Just be careful and sure you want to ask, because you can't take it back, and you could end up at a therapist explaining to them why you want to be treated like a baby again.

How can I get diapers without my parents knowing?
You can either purchase at a drug store/pharmacy or order on-line.  If money is the issue there are a few suggestions: if you are a teen- save up your allowance, get a job- to name a few- babysitting, raking leaves/mowing lawns, paper route (also excellent for adults since it's done early morning), running errands for an elderly person like shopping etc. Those are just a few examples. Use your mind and get creative. As far as having them shipped-most companies ship in unmarked boxes and you can have them shipped to another address.

How can I find a AB mommy?
The only way is to do the leg work and search the AB sites.  The mommies are out there. If you are under 18 you most probably will not be able to have a mommy- legal stuff. But if you can find a mommy as a pen-pal and become friends- then maybe when you become of age she can become your AB mommy.

Is it safe to drink baby/infant formula?
Baby formula is formulated for babies not adults. The nutritional values are different. If you insist on drinking baby formula- do so in moderation and be sure you have a iron-free formula. If you can, go for the follow up forumulas. They say on the can "for babies 6 months and older". Toddler formula's are better to use if you can find them.

How can I make my girlfriend/wife diaper me and baby me?
If your significant other is not into the AB scene there is nothing you can do.  All you can do is to introduce them to the idea, explain what you would like and see if they are willing.  I must caution you I have known wives/girlfriends to leave the person over this same topic.  I know of one wife who said " I didn't know you were such a sicko!" So only introduce the idea if you think the other person is receptive.

How can I wear diapers to school?
The best ideas are to wear a tight fitting underwear over the diaper to cut down on noise.  If you have a gym class- the class before go to the bathroom and remove the diaper so you can change at gym with no problems. Also wear keys that jingle to hide the sound of a diaper.

How can I get the nurse to change my diapers?
Unless you have a doctor certified medical need the nurse will most likely not change you. Also if you are old enough she might not change you. You would need to check the schools policy.

What are the best diapers for wearing to school so no one can tell?
There is no one magic undetectable diaper. All you can do is trial and error- the trial being at home and testing for noise and obvious bulge of diaper. When you have found a brand that passes the test at home- then wear to school. For added security wear a tight pair of underwear over the diaper to further cut down on noise and bulkiness. You could also try using Goodnites (The underwear, not the boxers) or Underjams bed wetting pants. They are not exactly a diaper but you can use them and because they are cloth covered unlike the plastic backing on disposable diapers, they won't crinkle and are not as thick as a actual diaper.

How long is it safe to stay in a wet diaper before there is a risk for diaper rash?
If you are actively wetting I would change at least every 1-2 hours after wetting it, and that is pushing the time limit. Even a dry diaper wears down due to body sweat and movement. If you find you are getting a diaper rash, we suggest Balmex diaper rash cream. It really clears it up pretty quick.

How long is it safe to stay in a messy diaper before there is a risk for diaper rash?
I would change as soon as possible. Both urine and feces are a waste product of your body- your body has no use for it. It needs to be cleaned as soon as possible. I wouldn't sit in it for more than an hour. As before if you find you are getting a diaper rash, we suggest Balmex diaper rash cream. It really clears it up pretty quick.

How do you treat diaper rash?
You need to change more often. Cleanse the area good and dry well.  Use a diaper ointment- Balmex or Desitin usually clears it up. Include as much time out of diapers as you can, the air will help it clear up a bit faster.

What are the best baby products?
Well, there are several out there. Different products for different people. The basic rule of thumb is you get what you pay for. If you skimp on a product you will get a cheap product that most likely doesn't work well. If your willing to spend a little extra you will get a better product. Trial and error is the best way. Try out several brands and see which one works for you.

My diaper is leaking, what can I do about it?
Many people have had this problem. One suggestion is to buy a pack of size 6-7 baby diapers. Take a knife or razor blade and cut several small 1/2 inch cuts through the plastic or cloth like outer cover so the pee can run through into your adult/youth diaper. Or if you can find them easily get diaper doublers. They are basically diaper matieral in strips without all the tapes and all that. Or if you can get away with using cloth diapers in your diaper you can take toddler cloth diapers and fold them long ways in 3rds and put them in your diaper. 
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