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        Welcome to the Ask Mommy page. This page was made for AB/TB/DL/Sissy's of any age to ask a question. Be it about where to buy diapers or how to build a crib. When to tell their parents if they wish to. Just about any question you can think of.

       Currently, Sandra, the woman who used to be answering questions died. We are still currently looking for a Mommy to answer questions. Till then me (Stanley-Owner of this site) will be answering the questions. I am not posting them to the site. I have been e-mailing the question to you directly. So if asking a question, make sure your e-mail address is on there.

       When submitting questions, please try to give as much information about the situation involving the question. So often we get questions asking for help but they don't give enough information. It makes it hard to answer the question. So please give as much detail as possible. 

        Also in the past we have been getting questions asking sexual questions. Please don't submit these types of questions.

         Below are a set of buttons. One to view the most recent questions asked. One button to submit a question of your own, and then a series of links to pages of questions that have been asked over the years.

        Please take time to search the old questions that have already been asked. Your question might have already been asked and answered. It might save you some time as it takes about awhile for me to reply back to your question. Thank you.


E-mail: Stanley_19802@yahoo.com         

NOTE:  The archive pages below are set up with the most recently asked questions on the last page. For example last month's questions would be on page 3, where the questions asked when the site was first made would be found on page 1. Please keep this in mind when viewing the archives. Take care.