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Note Before Viewing Videos Here: Keep in mind that some videos are sometimes marked by youtube of adult nature by youtube members and require you to be a member of youtube to be able to view them. A youtube account is free to get and only takes minutes to sign up for. But most of the video clips here shouldn't require you to have an account to view it due to adult nature of the video.

      Welcome to the Videos page. This page is a new idea by the site's staff to bring you free entertainment while you are here. Maybe you are familiar with the site "You Tube". Well you have to search the site for the videos of many topics. While it's free also you have to finger through several videos that are alike and it can take hours between videos to bookmark a collection of the URL's of the good ones you are looking for. While you may need to open an account to view a select few of them, we have done a collection of our own here of our favorites of 3 classes which we hear AB/DL's like the view the most.

     The first is Diaper Commercials. Pampers (including a new video about the new size 7), Huggies, Goodnites, Luvs....if You Tube had a video of the commercial we bookmarked the URL for you to view as well without the hassle of tracking it down yourself.

      The next class is AB/DL's Being AB/DL's. Just funny random AB/DL videos that we found entertaining. Some were not as much funny but more interesting or educational. Either way we brought them to you for that reason.

       The last class is Music Videos. This was new to us ourselves. AB/DL's had created music videos in which they were wearing diapers in clear view of the camera the entire time. So we also have those for you. We hope you enjoy those as well.

      Again all the videos are free to view on You Tube. And they do have many other videos. These are just the ones we (the staff) most enjoyed viewing or thought the members would enjoy seeing.  If you want to see more please do go to for all the rest.


1)   Diaper Commercials
2)   AB/DL's Being AB/DL's
3)   AB/DL Music Videos
This page was last updated on: April 30, 2018
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