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      Welcome to the Mommy's, Daddy's and Baby Sitters page. The listings below are sorted alphabetically by city name. Good luck on your search and finding the one your searching for. Hopefully you'll be able to make a connection.

The list below will provide all you need to know about finding your perfect Mommy, Daddy or babysitter. Each one is unique and will have certain services to offer. They may provide things like diapers, wipes and blankets or even have special items on hand like essential oil bottles wholesale. 

In other instances you might need to provide your own diapers, wipes, toys and essential oil bottles wholesale if that's what your into to have your perfect experience with you mommy, daddy or babysitter. As we babies know, scents like baby powder or lavender trigger those memories of when we were kids. 

This page was last updated on: March 3, 2021
Miss RinRin
Age: 28 (As of 2016)
City: Allentown
E-mail: MissRinRinMommysRUs@Yahoo.com
Rates: $60.00 per hour 3 hour minimum no maximum time. Travel Rate $1.00 per mile one way. (We are only charging to get to you, not to return home). Diapers $3.00 per diaper or FREE if you supply your own. We may not have your size or brand you prefer, it's in best interest to provide your own. Long Distance Fees 2 hours away or more the client is responsible to pay for plane/train/bus fare to get to you and for us to return home, plus travel rate. If it is a long session and the caregiver is willing to drive you are responsible to pay for the gas plus travel rate.
Hotel Stays: If you, the client is interested in doing a session at a hotel instead of your own home the client is responsible for all hotel fees along with both the hourly rate and travel rate. Skype Sessions With A Caregiver $2.00 per minute for the first 30 minutes. $1.00 per minute after first 30 minutes. 15 minute Minimum and 2 hour Maximum face to face Skype call*. Time limit and payment must be discussed and completed before session. This service is recommended before meeting for the first time to make sure you are comfortable with the caregiver. It is a safety measure for you along with allowing you to see what we look like and sound like. It also gives an opportunity for someone to feel loved and cared for even if they can't afford other sessions or services.
Notes: I visit you at your home or hotel room for babying. I could bring supplies depending on what you want. Supplies to be discussed in advance. I also do disciplining and humiliation as well for additional fees. And I also do Skype sessions and Skype calls.
Daddy C
Age: 29 (As of 2016)
City: Allentown
E-mail: Kraz8y@icloud.com
Rates: $200 for the weekend friday night through sunday afternoon 
$100 for the day, $50 for half a day
Notes: Baby girls only. I will be coming to your house. I will supply the diapers and wipes and anything else will be on you to get. I am very open mind and down to earth and caring and I will change wet & messy
Daddy Ailan
Age: 20 (As of 2018)
City: Greensburg
E-mail: ailan97@live.com
Rates: Free
Notes: I will change all diapers
Age: 25 (As of 2014)
City: Kittanning
E-mail: jclaypoole1@gmail.com
Rates: $50.00 dollars a week for texting. $100.00 a week for calls.
Notes: I am a daddy/baby and would love to talk to little girls and boys. 
I can dom. I Do not do home stuff.
Age: 55 (As of 2017)
City: Pittsburgh
E-mail: Rudyt101@hotmail.com 
Rates:  I don't charge.
Notes: Looking for baby girls in my area. Baby girls only, no men or gays. Sorry just my preference. I will bath change and feed you.
City: York, Pennsylvania 17315 
E-mail: mommy4thebabies@hotmail.com 
Rates: $50 per hour, $350 per day, $900 per weekend
Notes: Female sitter, Gay and straight babies ok.

City: Johnston
E-mail: Nicolez56@yahoo.com 
Rates: $30 an hour. Diapers and such not included, will travel for additional fee based on location. Very Flexible with rates. 
Notes: I change diapers, however own no AB furnature, have sippy cups and bottles.

Age: 17 (As of 2017)
City: Charleston
E-mail: siegeblood@yahoo.com
Rates: Free, just for the experience.
Notes: I change diapers and the usual. Treat you as a helpless baby, but I don't own any furniture. I prefer females younger or a little older than my age.
Caregiver Z
Age: 18 (As of 2016)
City: Columbia
E-mail: Zachchavis4@gmail.com
Rates: Free (unless you are out of 100 miles then Gas money)
Notes: I will come to you, Change you 1 and 2 (2 only with gloves and mask). Will give you enemas and suppositorys if your are bad. I am looking for someone to share my fetish with. I am a baby or caregiver.
Age: 26 (As of 2021)
City: Greenwood
E-mail: eliasbarrcroane@gmail.com
Rates: Accepting donations, but typically don't charge. Willing to travel 2-3 hours to you. Must have room and board paid for (hotel or spare room). Can supply baby supplies, ask me about it. I can do online sessions and in person.
Notes: I'm Baby Stanley's Daddy.
Age: 22 (As of 2017)
City: Myrtle Beach (and surrounding areas)
E-mail: feelslikehome8@gmail.com
Rates: Rates are highly negotiable and I will accommodate your budget. I am a very considerate when it comes to this, so I am sure we can work around just about anything. Once more, rates will be negotiable and judged upon request. Offering a start up special of 50% off the first hour. Please send "Home" in the e-mail subject. 
Notes: I am able to meet you at a hotel or your own home. I am unable to host at this time though. I take care to all sizes, ages, etc, from newborns to toddlers to kids to adults. I am willing to travel 2-3 hours to provide for you. Nonsexual, and all are welcome. However, I can only come to you at this time. Cater to all genders, sizes, and styles. I do provide care for "newborns to toddlers" throughout the week. I must say I do not provide services to teenagers or minors. I am a clean, respectful, and understanding individual when it comes to what you want. I bathe, feed, change, dress, play, snack, cuddle, bottle, story, nap time, nurturing, and other activities! I will change wet and messy as needed! I would prefer you with your own supplies and toys, but I can bring some supplies too and we can figure that out when we talk. 

  Supplies I would have are as follows: regular nappies (your choice on brand and style), GoodNites, Pull-Ups/Easy-Ups, Swaddlers, Cruisers, Little Movers, Slip-Ons (preference to brand will always be followed), Sensitive Diapers, Underjams/Underwear style diapers. I have diaper extenders. Can also use adult diapers as well. Baby Wipes (Sensitive, Baby Fresh, Green Tea/ Other assorted scents depending upon personal preference, brands will also be your preference). Powder, Lotion, Oil, Stuffed Animals, Pacifiers, Soothies, Bottles, Baby Food, Changing Mats, Onesies, Hats (with one/two month stickers for them!), and much more is available as well. 

  Another word on supplies, it will be completely based on your personal preference and we can talk about it. I have access to all of these, but it will be your decision what I show up with. I have no furniture at this point with the exception of multiple baby blankets, and some clothes as mentioned. I apologize. If you are to contact me, I am sure we can properly suit you together! It never hurts to ask questions, especially with me. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Daddy Jacob
Age: 29 (As of 2014)
City: Cookeville
E-mail: daddyjacob1983@aol.com
Rates: $20 Per Hour
Notes: Looking for any Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, or anyone interested in feminization, spankings, humiliation, forced diapering, or bondage.
Daddy Mike 
City: Memphis
E-mail: michael_farmer9@bellsouth.net
Rates: $85 per day, $595 a week plus any extras out of the deals.
Notes: Hello I'm looking for teen to young adult baby that loves to have fun we will do all kinds of activities. I will change and do what I have to do to make you feel happy inside. I even have a older baby sister to play. I'm a former pediatric assistant so I know a lot about children and used to have foster children in the past.
Daddy Dakota
Age: 21 (As of 2015)
City: Spring Hill
E-mail: dakotacookson95@gmail.com
Rates: $15 per hour, $100 for a full day, $400 For 5 days, $1,000 for a month. START UP SPECIAL-send me an email with the /subject of Daddy coda and receive 75% off your first session  RATES ONLY
Notes: Services Include: AB Package-  I cuddle with you, watch you, change your diaper, play with you and generally do baby things with you and make sure your safe.
AB/DL package- I cuddle with you, watch you, change your diaper, play with you and generally do baby things with you and make sure your safe. Or if your craving a fantastic adventure with daddy?.... make your wildest fantasy come true.
A litile back story. First I am a young and charismatic daddy. I will use any supplied items the person wants me to use and if given the appropriate fees will provide them myself. I will drive to whatever location you would like in TN. Both what we do and where we go are negotiable
ABDL DELUXE BUNDLE- $1000 abdl bundle including onsies's, premium diapers, pacifiers, coloring books, baby food, plastic pants, ect. And anything else you'd like to add is nagotable.
ABDL STANDARD BUNDLE- $200 premium diapers, pacifier, coloring books, onsies and baby food.
ABDL BUDGET BUNDLE-$50 Quality Diapers, Pacifer and coloring book

Age: 32 (As of 2018)
City: Amarillo
E-mail: kalli.haney@gmail.com
Rates: $150 dollars per hour. Three hours minimum.
Notes: I'm just getting started so I'm into care giving, pee pee diaper changes, feeding, basic dressing, bathing,etc... I'm exploring this more and more so please feel free to make suggestions or ask questions. 
Mommy Heather
Age: 47 (As of 2014)
City: Amarillo
E-mail: outdoorgirllothian@gmail.com
Rates: in part in exchange for accomodations
Notes: Hello Everyone, I come over to the USA on a regular basis, and basically I am more than happy to be your mommy, part time, while in the USA, in part exchange for accomodation. I'm coming with my friend, who is a also a Mommy, but she's quite a strict Mommy!! This is genuine. We will arrive in Texas on 20th May. Please get back to us. Thank you. Fun play time, changing diapers, washing baby, cuddles and feeding baby will follow. Lot's of social interaction.
ATX Daddy
Age: 30 (As of 2019)
City: Austin 
E-mail: atxabdldaddy@gmail.com
Rates: $50 per hour (Fifty Dollars per hour). 2 hour minimum. 
Notes: I'm a fun and caring daddy! No abdl furniture. Client must provide diapers and supplies. Wet diaper changes are free, messy diaper changes will cost $20 each. All clients must be 18 or older. Message me for further details regarding sessions.
Mommy Love
Age: 34 (As of 2014)
City: Fort Worth 
E-mail: mommylovesyou33@gmail.com
Rates: Rates vary 
Daddy Tony 
City: Fort Worth 
E-mail: sitter4adultbaby@yahoo.com
Rates: $40.00 per hour (3 hours minimum)  $30.00 fee if I come to you. 
Notes: Daddy can come to you or you can come to Daddy.  No AB furnishings and you supply diapers. Daddy will supply diaper changes, discipline if requested, bath time, story time, snack time, bottle time, play time and nap time. 
Sitter Sarah 
Age: 28 (As of 2016)
City: Houston 
E-mail: sitter_sarah@yahoo.com 
Rates: I charge a low hourly rate of $50.00 an hour that way my services
are affordable to those from all walks of life. The hourly rate includes nap times, lullabies, games, dress up, spankings, play, cuddling. I charge extra fees for services like changing diapers and bath times. Please see our website: http://www.abdl-nursery-tx.com/ 
Notes: I have an adult medical crib with drop down sides with a changing table, a couch for cuddling and story time and LOTS OF TOYS!
Newest Addition is an adult gym/play mat!
Auntie V
Age: 47 (As of 2015)
City: San Antonio
E-mail: renchild2002@gmail.com
Rates: Current rates are $75.00 per hour as of Jan 1, 2016, subject to change. As of Jan 1, 2016 the following applies:All my charges and I will have extensive email conversations of what they want. Once they pay their deposit, then I build their sessions based on our conversations. I prefer all my charges to provide all their own diapers.  I change at $10.00 per diaper, $15.00 if you make a messy. Cost will be $5.00 per bottle, $5.00 per meal. Unless you want me to take you out for a meal, then you pay cost of the meal. If the cost seems high to you, please remember I have to purchase all supplies such as wipes, powder, gloves, etc. I have to take all these costs into consideration. All activities will be negotiated. I do expect 50% down a minimum of 30 days prior to visit and remaining 50% to be paid 1 week prior to visit. I can do limited travel. Please feel free to message me for those details. I take PayPal, Google Wallet, credit card, money order and cash.  All cards will show on statement as Go-Fers (which is my everyday business).
Notes:  I have no abdl furniture. I would prefer to host at your place or you will pay for a hotel room. I love doing field trips....
City: Texas and Nationwide 
E-mail: abycamp@yahoo.com 
Rates: email for rate 
Notes: AB/DL Caretaker & Massage Therapy specialist working with the AB/DL community.Email for more information

Daddy G
Age: 20 (As of 2015)
City: Cedar City
E-mail: diaperking9@yahoo.com
Rates: $70 per hr additional fee for diapers and food if not provided. 
Notes: Hello, I am very nice and loving daddy. I am always discreet. I will treat you like the baby you are. I will bathe you, baby massage you with lotion and powder, diaper you, feed you, read to you and nurture you. I will change any diaper. I will spank you if you are being bad (upon request). I am available to baby sit any hour and I am available anywhere in Utah area and available to travel (added fee). I will change just about any diaper you can throw at me so bring it on!! I will work with any gender. If you want to make special requests I am open to suggestions (might be extra charge). Looking forward to meeting my babies!!
Baby Tai 
Age: 20 (As of 2014)
City: Layton
E-mail: Todd.hoskins.ii@gmail.com
Rates: $100 per day, no more than two days consecutively. Payments in cash.
Notes: I am a male. We can't play at my home as I have a roommate. I have diapers, pacifiers, plastic pants, and a onesie. I love to be diapered and babied, and I also love to diaper women. No men; I only like to play with women. 
Baby Daddy
Age: 24 (As of 2016)
City: Salt Lake City
E-mail: daddydiaper31@gmail.com
Rates: Email me for rates.
Notes: Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you are looking for. I am willing to change any and all diapers. Diaper punishment is a must for those who require. I am the daddy for you. Baby girls only.

Mommy Becca
Age: 24 (As of 2018)
City: Arlington
E-mail: loveyoubabytumblr@gmail.com
Rates: Text: two dollars per minute, Voice: two fifty per minute 10 minute minimum 
Notes: 24 F experienced mommy. Erotic or non-erotic stories and conversations. Very nurturing and loving.
Mommy Penelope
Age: 20 (As of 2016)
City: Harrisonburg
E-mail: pennybethdav@gmail.com
Rates: Rates are $50.00 per hour, $100.00 for single detailed role-play up to four hours in length.
Notes: I am primarily an online mommy, I will only charge based an estimate based of how long it takes me to read/write messages to you. You will be my cute little baby and I will give you all the attention you deserve. I have spent a lot of time now being a mommy to people online, and if you just need a partner for a specific one-time ABDL role-play, I can do that as well. If I get to know you well and you live relatively nearby, I might consider visiting you and babying you properly. Email me for more details or if you have questions, sweety. 
Age: 15 (As of 2015)
City: Keysville
E-mail: time2start0v3r@Gmail.com
Rates: I unfortunately cannot be a live caregiver, but I can make a Skype account just for you, and talk on the phone. I like to limit sessions to an hour at first, but if you choose to keep me long term, I'll be more then happy to stay longer. I prefer to babies that are in early teens and late teens. I am very serious about taking care of my baby, and I refuse to participate in anything sexual. I am experienced in taking care of toddler adult babies, but I'm am willing to expand my horizons! I've never been paid to be an online mommy before and I hate that I have to do it, I don't know what normal rates for online mommies are soooo, if interested we can negotiate something. I say my rates definitely go up for the young your baby age is, and if there is any books that I would have to purchase special. I am still kind of new to the adult baby world so be paitient with me! But I would love to have a baby boy or girl soon!!
Notes: Like I said I cannot travel, so it's impossible for to do any sort of live in care or babysitting the best I can offer is through Skype or on the phone!
Daddy Mike
Age: 28 (As of 2015)
City: Norfolk
E-mail: Skizillzx@gmail.com
Rates: Rates are $40.00 an hour or a six hour session for $150.00
Notes: Hi I'm Daddy Mike I used to be an AB but converted over to a Daddy as my needs to nuture and provide exceeded my baby needs lol I'm the fun Daddy you'll love to play with but don't get me wrong, act up and your gonna wish you didn't!! I change diapers, cuddle, bath, feed, offer light bondage, humiliation, and careing love. All welcome male, female, gay or straight. I have diapers, bottles, and toys.
Mommy Bea 
City: Virginia Beach
E-mail: curious_wannabe@yahoo.com
Rates: Free
Notes: I don't charge....nor am I condemning anyone who does. I know there are some who see themselves as providing a service.....and from what I have seen.....there is quite a lot of work involved. But for me....I don't consider it a service......but a way to satisfy a need.  And it's not the little one's need I am only referring to.....I am referring to my own need to be a mommy. As far as payment....if my little one is satisfied....then I'm successful parent....thus fulfilling my needs. I would prefer a female (not sissy boy) because I am hoping the experience will be better than previous when I had an AB boy. As I have found out infantilism goes from the true Aby (one who only has the desires and needs to be a baby) to the extreme (which is to bizarre to mention). I would prefer the TRUE Aby, one who (for whatever reason) resorts to this lifestyle as a way to escape the stresses of everyday life. And even though society might frown upon this...it's better than turning to drugs and alcohol. What I DON'T want is the Aby who will say anything I want to hear....who will agree with everything I say, just to hook me....and then as time goes on....their true intent starts to come out when they ask questions such as, can I be naked when I drink my bottle....or mommy what will you do if I get an erection.....In other words this is nothing more than a sexual thing for them. To avoid this...this is why my preference is a female. But I do know most females would prefer a daddy...so I am not totally ruling out males. However, if you're a male....let me warn you....I will scrutinize everything you say and do....and if you happen to be close by....I will not meet until I am sure of your intentions. I apologize if I sound so negative...but this should be an enjoyable experience and my previous attempt wasn't. Lastly....as far a changing diapers....I cannot change messy diapers and would prefer to take you to the potty for that thus letting you clean your own self. Wet diapers are okay as I would expect this from a little one and it also helps you enjoy your experience by letting you lose control.  However, I have yet to change one....but I would be willing to try.  Anyway....if I seem like a mommy you would like....please email me....lets talk and see what happens. BTW, I am not opposed to being an online mommy if you don't live closeby. Unfortunately I don't have anything of use because I don't have a little one. But that will change I am sure...because I would like to buy toys, clothes etc just as any new mommy would do.

Age: 23 (As of 2014)
City: Bellingham
E-mail: Drasticimage101@aol.com
Rates: I will babysit 18-35yrs old girls teen or adult baby. I only charge $75hr but a 3hr minimum or $600 for 8hr/full day. I will feed, bath, play, punish (if asked), put to bed, and change wet diaper ($100 extra for messy/poopy). Anything else is negotiable but may cost more depending on what it may be. 
Notes: I'm very outgoing and respectful. I will only be able to come to your place as of now.
Northwest Daddy
Age: 42 (As of 2015)
City: Seattle
E-mail: nwdaddy@hotmail.com
Notes: Just a abdl daddy here looking to chat with little girls. If you like diaper changes, potty training, bedtime stories, bath time, and fun stuff like that then say hi :)
Mommy Lexus 
City: Seattle
E-mail: phonemommylexus@yahoo.com
Phone: 1-888-938-7382
Rates: $1.99 per minute, $2.50 connection fee, 10 min minimum
Nanny Patty 
City: Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett- Washington
E-mail: nelson52@wa.freei.net 
Rates: $25.00/hour 4 hour min.
Mommy & Daddy Playtime
Age: 30 (As of 2014)
City: Seattle - Tacoma - Everett
E-mail: diaperspankings@gmail.com
Rates: Mommy and Daddy's rates in Seattle and surrounding areas are 
$100 per hour for the first 4 hours, $75 for each additional hour, I hour minimum sessions
Mommy and Daddy will travel anywhere in Washington State for an additional $100. A 4 hour minimum session is required if Mommy and Daddy must travel more than an hour outside of Seattle and surrounding areas. $500 for 4 hours, $75 for each additional hour. 
Notes: You're a lucky baby! You get the option of choosing between a Mommy and a Daddy or you can have both! If you want to have a play date with another AB while mommy or daddy plays with you that can be arranged as well for no extra cost. Mommy and/or Daddy will feed you, bathe you, change your wet diapers, punish you (if desired), nurse you with a bottle, play with you, color and put you to bed with your pinkie and teddy. Will change wet diapers only, no poopy messes
We have diapers, wipes, powder, toys, coloring books, a large stuffed teddy bear, binkies, a bottle and many spanking implements.
Binkies To Bondage
Age: 40 (As of 2015)
City: Spokane
E-mail: binkiestobondage@gmail.com
Rates: BASE HOURLY RATE - $75.00 dollars to $150.00 dollars depending. Diaper changes (per diaper) - $25.00 dollars (+cost of a diaper if you do not have one). Messy/Poopy Diaper Changes- $50.00
Baby Food/toddler Feeding- Cost of food. (Advance notification is required if sitters need to pick up food. Client will reimburse what was spent rounded up to the nearest whole dollar.) Bath- $65.00 Dollars
Public outing (park, restaurant, etc.) - $100.00 Dollars (+ cost of food if a restaurant Paid) Regular Bottle feeding - The cost of the formula if you do not have it. Play Date with another little: $100.00 dollars (Advanced notification required to set up with little of close age) 
Notes: Binkies to Bondage is a Non-sexual Sitting service that works with all genders and gender identities. We currently have staff of four women and one male. We offer nappy/diaper changes, bottle and spoon feeding, nap time, story time, outings, bath time, cuddles, play dress up, and more. In person meetings required to discuss services before services rendered.

Daddy  Zorath
Age: 19 (As of 2014)
City: Fox Communities (Green Bay Area)
E-mail: daddyzorath@gmail.com
Rates: Free
Notes: I Am willing to LIVE-IN if desired. If LIVE-IN is selected as an option, I am willing to move anywhere withing the UNITED STATES, BUT it will cost money for me to transport myself across country. That will be the only FEE I charge. I Have No furniture, I am willing to do a day at my house, but recommended if it is done at your house. I will change wet diapers, but if I get to know you well enough, ill do messy ones too. I will do babying of all sorts, bring whatever you wish to do. I will not do sexual acts. This service is merely for adult babies (or teenage ones). You will need your own diapers as well, unless you are ok with Walgreens/CVS Certainty ones (as in my opinion are best store bought brand)
Age: 50 (As of 2014)
City: Milwaukee
E-mail: johnnyc886@yahoo.com
Rates: Rates are negotiable, depending on time of year, services/desires, boy/girl/group, distance from Milwaukee, etc. Wet diapers great, poopy extra. Will be parent, sitter, brother or whatever your fantasy is.
Notes: Covering the basics, oil, powder, wipes, diapers, bottles and more. No furniture yet, but tailored to your wishes, like story time, baths, potty training, diaper checks, shaving available, humiliation, spanks, corner time and more! From infant to toddler or older, email me right away. Ask about summer camping trips!


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