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Mommy's, Daddy's and Baby Sitters
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     Welcome to the Mommy's, Daddy's and Baby Sitters page. The listings below are sorted alphabetically by city name. Good luck on your search and finding the one your searching for. Hopefully you'll be able to make a connection.

The list below will provide all you need to know about finding your perfect Mommy, Daddy or babysitter. Each one is unique and will have certain services to offer. They may provide things like diapers, wipes and blankets or even have special items on hand like essential oil bottles wholesale.

In other instances you might need to provide your own diapers, wipes, toys and essential oil bottles wholesale if that's what your into to have your perfect experience with you mommy, daddy or babysitter. As we babies know, scents like baby powder or lavender trigger those memories of when we were kids.

This page was last updated on: February 16, 2018
Age: 51 (As of 2014)
City: Daytona Beach
E-mail: sonny3w@yahoo.com
Rate: $50 per hour or $150 for 8 hours
Notes: No furniture but plenty of diapers. I change wet diapers only.
Tommy Teague
City: Deland
Phone: (863) 447-1385
Rate: $50 per hour, $150 per day, $200 per weekend,
Notes: non-professional, gay/straight okay, professional, female sitter available, some AB furnishings
Mistress Intrigue
City: Fort Lauderdale
E-mail: domina@mistressintrigue.com
City: Fort White
E-mail: the_changer22@yahoo.com
Rate: Females only. 5.00 per hour 200.00 per week. Must also supply hotel and travel. No home calls.
Notes: Must have own supplies. I do change all diapers even poopy ones.
LaLa Ingles
Age: 22 (As of 2014)
City: Jacksonville
E-mail: laurennenglish@gmail.com
Rate: Base Rate $800 (8 hours), -Diaper Changes (Wet Diapers), -Feeding, -Bed Time Stories, -Bathing...Additional 100$
Notes: -5 years of AB Experience -Will drive to you -Breast Feeding negotiable -Overnight negotiable -Specializes in plus sized babies who need a very loving mommy.
Daddy Justin
Age: 32 (As of 2017)
City: Miami
E-mail: jdt2thomas@aol.com
Rate: Free for female ABDL and diaper lovers. Will come to you.
Notes: Diapers and pacifiers. Will change diapers and baby you. Role play and age play fun. Humiliation etc also.
Age: 23 (As of 2016)
City: Miami
E-mail: fetish.sandy0@yahoo.com
Rate: 100 dollars per hour, minimum of 4 hours. 800 dollars for a weekend. We could negotiate.
Notes: I have a baby crib and a few toys. I offer all ABDL except number 2 (for now, still new to this). I can accommodate and also visit at your place, preferably not too far. I love to play Mommy and change wet/messy diapers.
Yoseif and Shayndel
Age: 58 (As of 2015)
City: Monticello
E-mail: yoseif@centurylink.net
Rate: 50 dollars an hour minimum donation required.
Notes: AB must be 21 years of age or older male and/or female, sissy babies are welcome. We offer changing diapers, feeding, naps, proper firm fare discipline, and we know how to deal with naughty language. We offer some clothing (pantyhose and/or tights). Our service is open 24/7 365 days a year. Safety and being discreet is how things are done here!
Mommy Paige
Age: 22 (As of 2016)
City: Orlando (East)
E-mail: MommyPaigeABDL@gmail.com
Rate: basic one-hour session is $120.00 dollars, but she also has extended sessions and special packages at a discount! 
Notes: Hi there! Mommy Paige is the young, sweet, caring, and maternal and can't wait to take care of and be relied on by her babies. Mommy Paige is a relatively new Mommy who just started this year, but has already had lots and lots of practice. She currently offers nine different types of creative sessions in order to take care of her babies with different needs. If you'd like to know more about Mommy Paige or more about Mommy's services, she'd love to have you check it out at: http://mommypaige.wix.com/nursery
Age: 22 (As of 2014)
City: Orlando
E-mail: ittlebittledommy@gmail.com
Rate: Starting at $80hr. Rates may change.
Notes: My site is ittlebittledommy.moonfruit.com/ I am female born, queer identified. I can present as either male or female. I am AB/DL myself. I have lots of toys, games, pacis, bottles, and more. I am quite fond of roleplaying and can create custom scenarios to fulfill your needs. I am an experienced keyholder. Medical exams/milking available. I am available for nursing. Right now I can only do babysitting in your house or a hotel paid by you March '15 I plan to open my nursery which is to have furniture, clothing, toys, and more.
Visit my website for more information and regular updates.
Daddy Kev
City: Orlando
E-mail: kev_arndt2002@yahoo.com
Rate: Reasonable rates, that can be very flexible email me for details and info. Open most times
Notes: In a nice and caring daddy who will come take care of you. I only take care of girls
bABysitter Nicole
Age: 37 (As of 2014)
City: Tampa Bay/St.Petersburg
E-mail: dvnashe@hotmail.com
Rate: Here's a link to my site.It also has information about setting up visits and such:)> http://devannicole.com/nursery.html
Notes: Hello, I’m Nicole and you’ve perhaps already seen me in other areas of the ABDL community. I’m a very active ABDL bABysitter in the U.S., seeing people daily. I have an all new Nursery, well over 400 pairs of diapers at any given time, print, non-print, cloth, disposable, sissy plastic pants, onesies, cute baby dresses, you name it, I likely have it here ;). I see a lot of people, male AND female locally, from other states, and countries, usually people who live far from me are either in my area on business or holiday, but I do have a few each year who come solely to "play". Please ONLY contact me if you are serious about a visit, I won’t waste your time. I love my ABDL lifestyle and the friends I have made throughout the years. See my link above, there are many pics, true stories and information about what this naughty bABysitter likes!
Brandi Taylor
Age: 32 (As of 2015)
City: Venice
E-mail: lo311ver@gmail.com
Rate: My rates are $80.00 dollars per hour with discounts for repeat clients.
Notes: My schedule changes, so sessions are by appointment only. Sessions include diapering, feeding, playing, discipline if needed, changing of wet diapers only. I want to get to know my ab's and dl's in order to give them the best experience while I am sitting for them. No ab furniture yet, but in the process of constructing a room for abdl sessions.
Doctor Daddy
Age: 45 (As of 2014)
City: West Palm Beach
E-mail: ellencurious49@yahoo.com
Rate: Contact for prices.
Notes: I do Diapering, Changing of the diaper, Punishment and Stress Relief.
Age: 30 (As of 2017)
City: Winter Haven
E-mail: Amandarose436@gmail.com
Rate: $150.00 per hour.
Notes: No sex of any kind! I'm a new sitter in Florida. I provide bath times, coloring, feedings, time outs, spankings, poopy and wet diaper changes, play time. Anything else ask. At this time I have no baby supplies so you must bring whatever you want during play time, to include diapers, wipes and powder. I will meet at local hotels (paid by you) after we have gotten to know one another. Pay will be giving up front before any play begins. I'm a very dominate and beautiful sitter you won't be disappointed!
Mommy Kay
Age: Unknown
City: South Florida but also New England, NY and NJ
E-mail: Kennita_j@live.com
Rate: negotiable/volunteer
Notes: I am a new Mommy in the AB/DL society. I am passive/gentle and will never do anything such as bondage or spankings/hitting.
I want care for my baby boys and girls by feeding, grooming, bathing, changing your wet diapers. Also playing with my babies and walks and playground activities, bottle feedings or breast feedings, cuddling and soothing music. This will be a Mommy/baby relationship and non sexual relationship/friendship.

Age: 18 (As of 2014)
City: Athens
E-mail: josephbasca@gmail.com
Rate: Free!!! Although financial support is appreciated.
Notes: Simply looking for a AB girl to take care of, preferably in Georgia for distance but am also open to longer distances.
Emma Loving
Age: 32 (As of 2017)
City: Atlanta
E-mail: emmaloving1987@outlook.com
Rate: $150 dollars for first hour, $100 dollars there after. Sessions over four hours to be negotiated. $1.49 per minute for phone session.
Notes: I have a large house with it's own nursery as well as other play areas like a dungeon, medical room, school room and isolation room. I enjoy both BDSM and non-BDSM forms of AB/DL play.
Domme Dylan
Age: 18 (As of 2016)
City: Atlanta
E-mail: dylandesoto@tutanota.com
Rate: Cam2Cam: $3.00 per minute or $150.00 per hour. Voice: $2.50 per minute of $120.00 an hour. Text: $2.00 per minute or $90.00 per hour.
***Fifteen minute minimum for all services!***
Notes: Includes roleplay of your choice, I'm happy to play any big sister, sitter, even mommy of your dreams. I strongly prefer we talk prior to cam2cam if that is the direction you choose, as I like to know a bit about you and your interests before we begin. I'm pretty open to new things, so requests are more than welcomed, encouraged even. Knowing someone is getting the most out of their time with me is a pretty awesome feeling. I am 100% comfortable with wet as well as messy diapers. Unfortunately I can't host offline visits at this time. If you have any questions, don't be shy, I won't bite. For cam2cam, voice and text services I use uTox as opposed to Skype as it is a bit more secure and I've found the video quality to be better. Accounts are free, the application uses very few resources and it's all pretty easy to use. For payment, I am accepting bitcoin, but am willing to work with most issues people have with this method and may be able to find an alternative we can both agree upon. I will play with babies from all walks of life, though I will not budge on prohibiting minors from attending a session with me. *18 year old FEMALE* *Experienced*
Jessy Smith
Age: 22 (As of 2016)
City: Columbus
E-mail: Dljesssmith@gmail.com
Rate: $10 per hour
Notes: Wet and poopy diaper changes included.  Will be care taker and will great daddy.  Anything else just ask.
Daddy Alex
Age: 20 (As of 2016)
City: Griffin
E-mail: Wolfbane2413@gmail.com
Rate: Free
Notes: I change diapers and love babying little girls
Age: 23 (As of 2017)
City: Senviller
E-mail: Marquise2437@gmail.com
Rate: $45 00
Notes: I only change your diaper

Pamela Green
Age: 32 (As of 2017)
City: Honolulu 
E-mail: lorypam@yandex.com
Rate: Contact for rates
Notes: Mommy/Nanny service for ABDL girls/boys/sissy etc. I can be your caring Mommy or your stern Nanny (or a little of both). Services offered include: diaper changes, feeding, play time, cuddles, potty training or diaper regression training, discipline, and more. I also offer a  bed time or nap time tuck in service.

Mommy Jesse
Age: 34 (As of 2018)
City: Grangeville
E-mail: Mommy.jesse@aol.com
Rate: Contact me
Notes: Mommy loves to nurture and pamper but is ready to be stern when babies need it. Mommy is very accommodating to baby's needs and very open minded. Diaper changes, fully equipped play pen and nursery. Full baby services guaranteed. It is all about you babies.

Online Daddy
Age: 16 (As of 2016)
City: Bushnell
E-mail: egibson@bpcschools.org
Rate: Free
Notes: I'm an online daddy and I'll help my little people with the role play needs. But I do anger easily so best to behave or you will get a spanking.
Mama Rax
Age: 29 (As of 2016)
City: Chicago
E-mail: Madame.Rxxx@gmail.com
Rate: $200.00 per hour
Notes: Fully equipped professional BDSM dungeon, no ABDL furniture as yet, I change all diapers.
Daddy Babysitter or Friend in Chicago IL
Age: 22 (As of 2014)
City: Chicago
E-mail: abdaddykinz@gmail.com
Rate: Free
Notes: I love Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers. I love to change diapers and feed babies and give baths and give love. I'll do anything baby needs Including punishment. I'll either be your Babysitter or like a family member to you and if you really want I'll be daddy. Visiting AB's or DL's are welcome too Or Online Daddy or Babysitter. My email is abdaddykinz@gmail.com. My services are free. But if you want you can make me a donation :)
Mommy Madeline
City: Chicago
E-mail: mommymadeline@gmail.com
Site: http://www.mommymadeline.com
Rate: See my website
Notes: Complete ABDL nursery with highchair, changing table, crib, toys, equipment, and hundreds of diapers in various sizes and types.
Isabella Grant
Age: 32 (As of 2017)
City: Evanston
E-mail: deruite@mail.com
Rate: Contact me for Rates
Notes: I am a very loving mummy who will fulfill all adult baby needs. I will feed you, bathe you, give you a bottle as I as cuddle you and love you unconditionally. I only change wet nappies but I will clean and pamper your bottom with lotion, talc and a soft terry nappy or disposable nappy. I have a fully equipped nursery with a cot, play mats, mobiles, changing unit, toys, and lots of adult baby clothes and accessories. The Nursery is open 7 days a week, baby sittings are taken from 10am to late night. Overnight and weekends are also available. Special Requests is accepted.
Age: 49 (As of 2016)
City: Harrisburg
E-mail: Asphaltcowgirl306@gmail.com
Rate: $75.00 dollers per hour
Notes: I am a mommy with 1 baby boy at home. I change diapers, play, color, have slumber parties, birthday parties, ect. I use corner time, time out or paddling as punishment.
City: Schaumburg (NW Burb of Chicago)
E-mail: wetnwantn@yahoo.com
Rate: $65/Hour $500/day
Notes: Sorry, the nursery is closed for remodeling. Will re-open 8/15/03. I miss my babies!!!

Indiana Daddy Care
Age: 34 (As of 2014)
City: Fort Wayne
E-mail: surferdolphin22@hotmail.com
Rates: Free for those needing care
Notes: I will check and change diapers. Cuddle you to sleep when I change you I will use wipes, lotion and powder. Willing to do public changes checks whatever you are wanting to experience.
Age: 30 (As of 2014)
City: Fort Wayne
E-mail: Surferdolphin22@hotmail.com
Rates: Free if you need care (Teen Babies ONLY)
Notes: I will check and change diapers full change. I will use lotion, wipes and powder on you and make you feel all good and refreshed diapered and ready.
Ashley Kemple
Age: 19 (As of 2014)
City: Fort Wayne
E-mail: kemple1994@gmail.com
Rates: E-mail for rates.
Age: 14 (As of 2015)
City: Greencastle
E-mail: 19jamyers@gmail.com
Rates: Free. Just a loving mama domme.
Notes: I don't have any AB furniture. I do change diapers and the like. Girls. Only girls. Preferred that they be a switch since I am as well but if not that's just fine.
Nanny Lynnette
City: Hartford City
Site: http://www.nannylynnette.com/
E-mail: ladylynnette@yahoo.com
Mommy CeCe
City: Hobart
E-mail: MommyCeCe@hotmail.com
Rates: $100 an hour. Available days are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Notes: I am a loving Mommy/Babysitter for gay/straight little boys and girls.
Age: 16 (As Of 2016)
City: Mulberry
E-mail: nono_varner@outlook.com
Rates: Hour: $10, Day $50, Week: $100
Notes: Sorry no AB furniture but always willing to change diapers and sorry but girls are preferred.

Mike DeNeut
City: 721 Locust St. LaPorte City, Iowa 50651
E-mail: md16185@yahoo.com
Phone: 319-404-7356
Rate: $25 per hour,  $200 per day,  $350 per weekend
Notes: Male sitter, Straight babies only, is a proffessional.
Thanks Morris
Age: 26 (As Of 2017)
City: Marion
E-mail: Morristj001@gmail.com
Rates: $10 dollars to zero dollars a day.
Notes: Will do any that needs done.
Daddy Toddler
City: Princeton
E-mail: bharlock17@yahoo.com 
Rate: $25.00 Hr $50.00 for 12hrs $100.00 for 24hr $200.00 for 2days Or 500.00 for one week.
Notes: Have two real baby beds put together to make one, Have highchair, babytoys, bottles, pics, diapers, & some adult size baby clothing for slim people.

Mommy Marie
Age: 36 (As of 2016)
City: Near Lawerence
E-mail: ohmymarie2016@gmail.com
Rate: We can come up with reasonable rate together :)
Notes: I have been nanny since I was 15 years old up til recently. I'm very knowledgeable when it comes to children, however I am 2 months new into this life style. I don't feel like it's much different. Littles tend to act a lot like real life ones from what I've seen. Let me list below what I am willing and what I'm not willing to do! I AM willing to change pee diapers. I AM NOT willing to change poop ones AT ALL! I AM willing to travel once I get to know the little bit better [world is unsafe place, I am cautious and there will be travel fee's as well if outside of Kansas]. I AM willing to do all caretaker duties [or Mommy duties] like help brush your teeth, meals and so on. including punishments. I AM NOT, I mean I WILL NOT do anything sexual what so ever. If there is something your wanting but not on the list, feel free to contact me, I am very friendly personal and willing to work on affordable rates that most can afford. I will change pee diapers only I will feed, clothed, read stories and all the essential mommy/caretaker duties. I won't be doing this from my house, only yours or at a park or whatever :) Contact me Ohmymarie2016@gmail.com <3
Age: 16 (As of 2017)
City: Richmond
E-mail: Benzen@gmail.com
Rate: Everything is free. But bring your own diapers and other supplies if wanted.
Notes: I love to take care of little boys and diaper their bottoms. Bring your own diapers, pullups too. My baby boys listen to their daddy when ever they are told something. If they do not listen I will have to give them a hard spanking. I will also triple diaper them with laxatives if they resist their spanking. I will change both wet and messy diapers, after you sit in them. Available when contacted. Behave
Mary Kole
Age: 33 (As of 2017)
City: Wichita
E-mail: kole.mary_2@outlook.com
Rate: $150.00 dollars per four hours and $500.00 dollars for the weekend.
Notes: Hi Babies. I'm a full time lifestyle Mommy looking for sweet little babies for professional sessions to take care of. I'm available for real life interactions too. I'm a natural Mommy that will meet your every need and tell you what to do if necessary. So if you are looking for a professional Mommy relationship I'm open to preferences and I'm always around for the right baby. Don't miss this rare opportunity with this special Mommy. I can also be strict so if you love punishment, let me know.

Sweet Mommy Emma
Age: 43 (As of 2014)
City: Lexington
E-mail: sweetsouthernemma@ymail.com
Rate: $99/hour, $300/4 hr (One hour minimum)
Notes: Sweet Southern Loving Lactating Mommy Services. Will Skype or do Yahoo Cam so I can see my sweet babies. Phone / Online / Skype / Yahoo Cam Only. I am a loving, nurturing, lactating Mommy with a sweet voice that will sing to you, tell you stories or read you stories. I will kiss you, hold you, cuddle you and caress you while you breastfeed. I will change your messy or wet diapers, give you baths, powder your bottom, massage you all over and feed you your favorite meals. I especially love playtime too where we play baby games of your liking. I am available M - F from 9 am to 9 pm Eastern time.  Weekends by request.
Domme Alex
Age: 20 (As of 2015)
City: Louisville
E-mail: Dommealex@yahoo.com
Rate: $200/hour base services, $100/30 minutes of nursing,
$30/ number 2 diaper, $500/3 hours
Notes: I don't host but travel within Louisville and Indiana. I will consider paid day trips.
Maci Hart
Age: 30 (As of 2014)
City: Louisville
E-mail: Macikisses@gmail.com
Rate: I'm not charging!!!! Love being a mommy!!!!!!
Notes: Hello,  I'm Maci. I live in Louisville. and enjoy caring for a baby. I am a preop transgender lady. And since I can't have a baby I'm looking for an ab. Maybe possibly have adoption of one or two. So if your close to the area, drop me an email.

Mommy Deb
Age: 32 (As of 2018)
City: Baton Rouge
E-mail: debbra.wa@yandex.com
Rate: Contact me for rates
Notes: Fully equipped Adult Baby Nursery. The Nursery is open 7 days a week, baby sittings are taken from 10am to late night. Overnight and weekends are also available.

Jenifer Cuddles
Age: 39 (As of 2017)
City: Augusta
E-mail: jenifer.cuddles@gmail.com
Rate: 500 dollars for four hours in the evening. 700 dollars for twelve hours overnight.
Notes: Loving and caring babysitter here! I play games, read stories, sing lullabies, change diapers (wet and soiled), fed, bath, and give lots of cuddles. If you prefer outings and/or mild forms of discipline (we can discuss). Only available for outcalls and one on one meetings. I love all babies in the rainbow.

Mommy Anna
Age: 32 (As of 2014)
City: Baltimore
E-mail: ABDLSitter@gmail.com
Website: www.DiaperSitter.com
Rate: See "Rates" tab on website
Mistress Psyche
City: Baltimore
E-mail: psyche@connext.net
Abdl Daddy
Age: 13 (As of 2017)
City: New Market
E-mail: Mikerocks456@gmail.com
Rate: FREE!!!!
Notes: I do only text unfortunately. But will say all of the kind of things that a mother would say to her baby. And just treat you just like a baby boy or girl.

Mama Loretta
Age: 39 (As of 2018)
City: Boston
E-mail: lorettascottage@mail.com
Rate: Please contact me to discuss tributes
Notes: I have an adequately furnished Abdl nursery including a crib, high chair and adult stroller for public outings and I am into acting out different baby scenarios like, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, changing messy diapers, humiliation, punishments, sissy training and I am looking for permanent and long term professional relationships for consistent daily, weekly and weekend trainings over the course of a period
Mommy Anna
Age: 32 (As of 2017)
City: Bridgewater
E-mail: Missannaj83@gmail.com
Rate: $180.00 per hour. For three hours of care, the rate is $400.00.
Notes: I am a nurturing Mommy that would love to come take care of you in your nursery. I am warm and loving and shall care for you as if you're my own AB. I bathe, feed, read stories, cuddle, sing to you and change diapers. (Additional fee for stinky diapers).
Age: 22 (As of 2017)
City: North Adams
E-mail: Mistress.mommy95@gmail.com
Rate: $20 dollars a day for texting services, $150 dollars for in person care for four hours, I come to you only, $25 dollar traveling fee negotiable depending on distance.
Notes: I am a nurturing Mommy that would love to come take care of you in your nursery. I am warm and loving and shall care for you as if you're my own AB. I bathe, feed, read stories, cuddle, sing to you and change diapers. (Additional fee for stinky diapers).
Auntie Kim
Age: 60 (As of 2017)
City: Quincy
E-mail: MatriarchLadyKim@gmail.com
Rate: call or email for rates. (or type in Lady Kim Boston)
Notes: You may consider me Auntie, Mommy, Nanny, Madame, Ma'am or Governess. I am here to bathe you, powder you, dress you, diaper you, feed you or reprimand you, I shall decide what baby needs.
DPF Mommy
Age: 35 (As of 2016)
City: Watertown
E-mail: mommy@dpf.rocks
Rate: My rate is two hundred and fifty dollars per hour.
Notes: Hello sweet little darlings, just call me mommy. I am looking forward to providing day care services to all the special little ones that decide to contact me. I am open to most ABDL activities, except poopy diapers. I will bathe my baby when its necessary, and you will get lots of loving cuddles. I am currently building my nursery furniture, and will have it soon. Please contact me when you are able, and please keep in mind that my rate is two hundred and fifty dollars per hour. I am sure you will love our time together. I really adore caring for little sweeties.   XOXO, Mommy. I change wet diapers, I have many diapers available, and all the supplies needed to care for little ones, and I also have clothing and pacifiers as well. Bring anything special that you need to bring to be used during our session. I will not charge per change or for any supplies you use, my fee is the only cost. I will also discuss overnight stays for those little ones from out of state, or those that need more time with mommy.
Mommy Skylar
Age: 46
City: Westfield
E-mail: rhiannonsherings@aol.com
Rate: $100.00 dollars an hour
Notes: Are you a little that needs a mommy to attend to your needs even if only for an hour or two? Mommy Skylar is available to play with you, feed, change you, put you down for naps or simulated nursing.  I will also administer spankings if you like.  Outcall service only; you are responsible for all supplies and expenses related to your care.  I am not an escort service, so please do not ask!
Marc Davis
City: Weymouth 02189
E-mail: forced2serve@aol.com
Rate: $75 per hour, N/A per day, N/A per weekend
Notes: Male sitter, Gay and straight babies ok.
Stephen O'Malley
City: Weymouth 02189
E mail: str8mforolderm@aol.com
Rate: $25 - $50 hour depending on location, etc
Notes: need to travel, but will travel to males any age (18 - 70) that need a male to sit/ diaper change/ spank/ bottle feed, etc
Mommy Hannah
Age: 18
E mail: Loveybb.18@gmail.com
Notes: Hey little ones! I'm Mommy Hannah! I'm a loving listening mommy that can help you with you AB needs! NOTHING SEXUAL! I am an online mommy only to you little girls! I can talk through skype! I have a caring heart and a love for all you little ones!
Q&A- Q: What do you do? A: I will skype call and you can show me your baby stuff, talk, play, be silly and of course read story's! (I've got tons!). Q: Why are you only an online mommy? A: With my current lifestyle I can not meet in person. :( Q: Who will you care for? A: I will care for baby girls (female). If you want to talk to Mommy Hannah just email me! Loveybb.18@gmail.com Hope to hear from you soon ��

City: Ann Arbor
E-mail: lovingmommyA2@yahoo.com
Rates: My rate is $50/Hour with a 2/Hour minimum. I require my little ones to book a hotel room and bring their own materials for the session. Daily and weekly rates can be arranged. I also offer specials for frequent bookings.
Notes: Hello darlings and dolls, I am a Pro Mommy/Babysitter based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I enjoy loving and spoiling my little ones. I love to nurture and cuddle. I do baths, feedings, read books and have play time. I also change wet diapers only. Please contact me via email for more information. Love, Mommy.
Age: 42 (As of 2017)
City: Big Rapids
E-mail: HotMammaABDL@gmail.com
Rates: $75.00 dollars per hour.
Notes: Lactating Mommy that will nurse, bathing, diapering, cuddling- reasonable punishment if you wish. I do charge more if I have to drive more than 2 hours. Can discuss discounts for large blocks of time.
Ed David
City: Clinton Township
Phone: 810-226-0673 anytime
E-mail: edavid@wwnet.com
Mommy B
Age: 36 (As of 2014)
City: Detroit
E-mail: miadultbabysitter@aol.com
Rates:  $50 per hour, $300 for an 8 hour day
Notes: Your place only. Will travel within Southeast MI. Feeding, bathing, diapering, cuddling- reasonable punishment if you wish. Nothing sadistic and no adult play.
Randy Thompsom
Age: 49 (As of 2014)
City: Flint
E-mail: randythompson283@yahoo.com
Rates: Not a Professional I will not charge, avaliable on the weekends. Will have to be at your place
Notes: No AB furniture. I will babysit Female or Male babies. Make sure baby is over 18 yrs of age. You will have to provide all your things such as diapers, bottles, formula, juice, and baby food. I will change you and feed you, baby must use diapers only no pull-ups.
City: Flint Area
E-mail: phonenannyscarlet@yahoo.com
Rates: $1.99 a min. U.S. and Canada,$2.99 a min. International
Notes: I am a PhoneMommy for Phoneamommy.com. I have real time AB care experience as well. WHat I offer is ABDL Phone sessions, and domestic discipline scenes. Some of my specialties are forced diapering, humiliation, feminization, spanking, Regression, and chloro baby.
Age: 64 (As of 2015)
City: Gaylord
E-mail: daf502013@gmail.com
Rates: Absolutely Free. Available 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM Monday's, Wednesday's, Thursday's and Friday's. Bring your own diapers and baby food. I have many spanking tools if needed. The only thing I ask is role reversal for part of the time. I am a naughty baby girl so strong discipline is needed for me. I have lots of baby girl outfits. You may choose what spankings I get etc. I will change all your diapers. Enema and suppository treatment available for you and required for me.
Notes: I am not a professional and do not charge for babysitting. You may bring your own diapers, clothing, baby food, or I can provide regular diapers or pull-ups. I only have baby girl clothing in my size. I have a nice mirrored nursery with twin bed for nap time. I also have just received my lovely pink RoboSpanker. It can be set soft, medium, or hard. Hard is very painful so keep this in mind if you request this setting. I have sterile Foley catheters with anti reflux valve to prevent infection if you request. I can also provide enema, suppository, laxative treatments if requested. I change all diapers wet and messy. You can request punishment for infractions as you wish. All I ask is that part of the time you babysit me. This does not have to happen on the first playdate. I will bathe, feed, diaper, and dress my babies. There is a TV in the nursery for baby to watch cartoons and play. There is a corner for corner time if needed and I can wash out your mouth with soap if requested. I enjoy all types of role play. No sex. daf502013@gmail.com  Get up your nerve and contact me. We will have fun.
Daddy Drew
Age: 18 (As of 2015)
City: Grand Rapids
E-mail: somethingaboutadove@hotmail.com
Rates: I do not charge for time. I do however charge for diapers, as they are specialty AB/TB diapers such as Bambinos, ASC, ABU etc, I charge $7.00 a diaper.  If willing to wear store bought then much cheaper. If you provide your own diapers, then no charge whatsoever.
Notes: Wanting to create a comfortable and nurturing environment for my babies, and willing to be a daddy, big brother or fellow AB companion. Will change any diapers whether wet or messy. I come to you as I can not host. Willing to play out certain fantasies, but nothing sexual. Will only travel as far as the west side of Michigan.
Contact: 1-616-552-2596
Age: 28 (As of 2015)
City: Grand Rapids
E-mail: codeqrisis@yahoo.com
Rates: I do not charge for time. I do however charge for diapers, as they are specialty AB/TB diapers such as Bambinos, ASC, ABU etc, I charge $5.00 a diaper.  If willing to wear store bought then much cheaper. If you provide your own diapers, then no charge whatsoever.
Notes: Will change any diapers whether wet or messy. Willing to be a daddy, big brother or fellow AB companion. I come to you as I can not host. I have a variety of AB clothing, diapers, and occasionally pacifiers at my disposal. Willing to play out certain fantasies, but nothing sexual. Will only travel as far as Fremont, Hesperia, and all of Kent County.
Age: 20 (As of 2014)
City: (East) Lansing
E-mail: adultbaby92@yahoo.com
Rates: FREE
Notes: Looking for any Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, or anyone interested in feminization, spankings, humiliation, forced diapering, or bondage. Please send me an email. I offer FREE babysitting for both guys and gals. I just love to take care of people. I change poopy and wet diapers.
Ryan Brown
City: Mason
E-mail: lionheart1517@yahoo.com
Phone: (517) 391-7485
Notes: Hi there my number is 517-391-7485 please call. I am looking for little baby boys and girls that I can come and visit anytime to change their diapers for them and take care of them. I will change both wet and messy diapers and am looking for babies of any age / sex / and orientation. please feel free to give me a call anytime thank u.
City: Twin Lake
E-mail: twsome@verizon.net
Phone: (231) 750-5634
Notes: up for all kinds of chat 231-750-5634

Age: 23 (As of 2014)
City: SW Metro Minneapolis
E-mail: wedgieinwhitebriefs@yahoo.com
Rates: Happy to sit for any age with hourly rates.
Notes: Have some footed pajamas, limited supply of bed wetting diapers, will change wet or messy diapers, and also enjoy giving wedgies and swirlies.

Mommy Cuddles
Age: 35 (As of 2018)
City: Jackson
E-mail: Amymichaels456@gmail.com
Rates: Email for rates.
Notes: Mommy loves to cuddle her cute ones and bond like a maternal mommy would. Mommy makes sure to create a session suited to what baby desires. Only an open heart is needed from baby, naughty or nice, sissy or humiliation. Mommy loves them all. Nursery and changing area, play pen and toys, mommy is prepared.
Age: 17 (As of 2016)
City: Jackson
E-mail: alexfolks24487@yahoo.com
Notes: My name is Alex. I'm looking for a little girl ages 13-17. I prefer a little into diapera. If you have any questions my kik is xela1464 or snapchat: aflbisdead

Age: 30 (As of 2017)
City: Branson
E-Mail: caring.dorothy@hotmail.com
Rate: $150 dollars for an hour.
Notes: Experienced AB caregiver. Let me take care of all your baby needs. I do role playing too.
City: Kansas City
E-Mail: diaper.tyler@yahoo.com
Notes: I am a bi daddy looking for male baby of any age. You supply everything and we meet at your place.
Age: 44 (As of 2015)
City: St. Louis
E-Mail: tjones71@inbox.com
Rate: E-mail for rates
Notes: Large breasted male looking to regularly dry breastfeed a baby boy.
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