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Mommy's, Daddy's and Baby Sitters
     Welcome to the Mommy's, Daddy's and Baby Sitters page. The listings below are sorted alphabetically by city name. Good luck on your search and finding the one your searching for. Hopefully you'll be able to make a connection.

This page was last updated on: March 1, 2015
City: Jasper
E-mail: MJMCGREG926@aol.com
Rate: FOR BABYSITTING: $5.00 Per Hour. FOR LIVE-IN: $100 Per Week.
Comments: I am 21 yrs old. I have an extremely overdeveloped mother instinct and am unable to have children of my own. My greatest desire is to have a little girl that I can spoil rotten. Due to my lifestyle and daily schedule, I prefer to care for a female live-in AB, between the ages of 18 and 19. I can babysit, but not over four hours at a time. I have a spare room in my house with a single bed and several toys. I have baby food on supply and even a sippy cup and pacifiers, should you choose to use them. Unfortunately, I do not change diapers.
Mommy Leslie
City: Dothan
E-mail: loveshell99@yahoo.com
Rate: My phone services are geared around getting to know all my babies inside and out. Not as clients but as friends with the hopes of meeting every one of my babies.
Phone Mommy Program
$40 = One week with 7 phone calls for a 30 min max per call
$100 = One Month with 30 phone calls for a 30 min max per call
Visit Mommy
$50 per hour with a 4 hour min.
Thank you.
Notes: I do not have AB furniture at this time. I Change number 1 and 2 diapers.

Uncle Frank
City: Kingman
Rate: Not listed
Notes: I am experienced in babysitting and changing adults. I can travel to larger near-by cities. Available most weekends.
Mommy Lillith
Age: 26 (As of 2014)
City: Phoenix
E-mail: madamerotic@gmail.com
Site: www.mommymistress.com
Rate: 1.75 per minute, 10 minute minimum
Notes: An experienced AB/DL Mommy looking to take care of and train new adult babies and diaper lovers. Experience with incontinence and unpotty training, and creating a new schedule for you to live by, and pushing you beyond your limits to get you to experience the REAL love of ABDL.

Daddy in Arkansas
Age: 21 (As of 2014)
City: Little Rock
E-mail: billbower72@yahoo.com
Notes: I'm a daddy in central Arkansas looking for an AB boy or girl to diaper, take care of, bathe, spank, etc. If interested feel free to email or yim me at babytugscarebear@yahoo.com

City: Anaheim
E-mail: seanjohn09@hotmail.com
Rate: $20 per Hour $400 per day
Notes: I can't host but will come to you. Willing to Change diapers, especially wet ones. Male / Females ok, Gay / straight ok.
Babysitter Jenna
City: Del Ray
E-mail: phonecousinjenna@yahoo.com
Rates: All calls are discreetly billed as 'Madison Enterprise'
All calls from the US and Canada are 1.99/min 2.50 connection fee
All International calls are 2.50/min 2.00 connection fee
Notes: I only provide services via the phone, but will do all services a little one needs while Mommy and Daddy are away!
Goddess Cyn
Age: 32 (As of 2014)
City: El Cerrito
E-mail: GoddessCyn@mail.com
Rates: Ask for rates. Available per hour and for extended sessions.
Notes: Fun and loving dominant Mommy. I love all sorts of littles and adult babies. Come see me for babysitting and play. I have outfits, diapers, toys and more to meet all your little desires. I love to cuddle, read stories, draw, give bubble baths, play games and set rules. I don't do poopy diapers but wet ones are just fine. If you have specific needs please ask away! You can also find more information about me on my website: http://www.GoddessCyn.com (18 and over ONLY)
Mommy Cassandra
City: Hollywood
Phone: 323-461-1346
E-mail: nastynurs@Yahoo.com
Scott Matthews
Age: 31 (As of 2014)
City: (West) Hollywood
E-mail: itunes4483@aol.com
Rate: $25.00 an hour (Includes wet diaper changes plus the cost of diapers if you don't already have them). Willing to change poopy diapers for a fee of $100.00 per poopy diaper (plus the fee of latex gloves and wipes if you don't already have them). For $10.00 extra per hour I am willing to also be an ABDL friend (this service includes a 25% discount on your poopy diapers). Cash and credit cards only.
Notes: I have no AB furniture. My policies on diaper changes are listed in my rates. Remember, I can come as just a Daddy, a big brother, or as a ABDL friend. Willing to come to you especially in West Hollywood area. All genders and sexual preferences welcome. And other questions, feel free to ask.
Sitter Stacie
City: Huntington Beach
E-mail: thesitterstacie@yahoo.com
Age: 53 (As of 2014)
City: Los Angeles
E-mail: tiekeyy@msn.com
Rate: 100.00 Dollars an hour, Whole day 300.00
Notes: Adult baby Setting (weekend special Friday to Saturday 500.00  not including tips) It's 10.00 Dollars per diaper and 5.00 to change whether poopy, wet or both. Please e-mail me to give your desires and wants. If you want to baby set me or a baby I provide. You can get 100 dollar discount on the week end special. If you want me to come to you the prices are the same. Must live in the Los Angeles area or surrounding city's easy access. I have large baby bed, diapers (plastic and cloth), bottles or you can bring your own. Breast feeding is available.
Jessica M
City: Los Angeles
E-mail: diapers4jessica@yahoo.com
Rate: Free to women. $300.00 a one time change for men.
Notes: Just have medium diapers.
Mommy Hannah
Age: 35 (As of 2014)
City: Los Angeles
E-mail: letmecuddleyou@yahoo.com
Rate: 1 hour - $200.00 (your home $150.00) Wet diaper only.
         1 hour - $250.00 (your home $200.00) #1 and #2 diaper change.
         Overnights negotiable.
Notes: Professional Mommy offering tender loving care. Although I do not have AB furniture, I will be happy to babysit at your home once we get to know each other. Very nurturing and loving. Diaper changes available. Email inquiries invited, and encouraged!
Q. Do you change diapers?
A. Yes, both 1 and 2.

Q. Do you have an AB setting, or AB furniture?
A. No, not because I don't want to, but because my current lifestyle does not allow for them.

Q. How much AB experience do you have?
A. I have 10 years of AB experience, and love all of my little ones.

Q. Why won't you come to my home?
A. I like to establish a relationship before I come to your home. Mommy is always careful.

Q. What kind of setting do you offer?
A. I currently have a dungeon setting, however, there are 2 domestic rooms for us to play in.

Q. What kind of AB equipment do you have?
A. I have toys, books, diapers, bottles, pacifiers, blankets, baby food, and some clothing items depending on your size.

Q. How do I set up a play date?
A. All you have to do is contact me via email. Mommy will be right with you.

Love and hugs!
Mommy Hannah
Mommy Lilly
Age: 38 (As of 2014)
City: Los Angeles
E-mail: MommyLillysLove@hotmail.com
Rate: $200.00/hr (first 3 hours) then $150.00/hr.. long term/entire weekend rates available upon request.
Notes: Hello, I am very beautiful, loving Mommy Lilly. I am always discreet. I will treat you like the baby you are..I will bathe you, baby massage you with lotion and powder, diaper you, feed you, read to you and nurture you with my warm mommy breast. I will change any diaper. I will spank you if you are being bad (upon request). I am available to babysit any hour and I am available anywhere in the Los Angeles area and available to travel (added fee).
Sondra Mars
City: Los Angeles
Phone: (323) 461-9357 M-F, 9am-5pm,
E-mail: commommy@goddesnarquesa.net
Rate: $200 per hour, $600 per day,
Notes: no weekend service available, female sitter, gay/straight okay, professional, no AB furnishings
Eve Harrison
City: Marina Del Rey
Phone: (310) 827-4518 9am-3pm PST
Rates: flexible day and weekend rates,
Notes: female sitter, gay/straight okay, professional, some AB furnishings
Mommy Evadne
Age: 27 (As of 2014)
City: Oakland
E-mail: LadyEvadne@gmail.com
Rates: Rates very depending on location, extended and overnight rates available too.
Notes: I am a lifestyle and professional Domina and Mommy. I really enjoy sharing my nurturing side and helping babies feel special and loved. I plan on launching a Mommy blog specifically for my adult babies soon, but in the meantime you can find photos and information about me at www.LadyEvadne.com I enjoy a range of age play and helping you explore. I change wet diapers gladly, but generally do not change poopy diapers. I grew up in a large family and loved to baby sit, and have spent years helping people express themselves through all sorts of role play. I have a broad spectrum of interests, but it all boils down to the fact that I love it when people can be themselves and make their fantasies come true with me! I have access to two beautiful places in the east bay, one that has a crib, adult baby clothes, diapers, and toys.
Miss Quaintrelle
Age: 25 (As of 2014)
City: Oakland
E-mail: love.quaintrelle@gmail.com
Rates: 260/hr (rental included), with flexibility toward longer sessions and established clients.  Before booking our first session, I require a one-time-only $50 tribute via my NiteFlirt to ensure seriousness of the inquirer. E-mail me for my site's address.
Notes: I love expressing my nurturing side as a Mommy or babysitter.  I am a professional who considers this type of role-play to be very therapeutic, and I love being able to be a source of comfort while changing wet or poopie diapers with a soft smile that only a passionate mother could have. I enjoy wearing latex or anything my little love likes, creatively entertaining with toys, crafts or food, silly body games, cuddly naps, and more! I was once told that I am too Pretty to be Mommy, so then became babysitter!  :)
City: 2526 "L" Street #104 Sacramento 95816
E-mail: prittietom@juno.com
Phone: 916-442-2451 After 6 p.m. PST.
Rate: $.99 per hour, $23.99 per day, $23.99 per weekend.
Notes: Male/Female sitter, Gay and straight babies ok, some baby furnature, is a proffessional.
Mommy Zenith Golden
City: 4114 Iowa St. San Diego 92104
Phone: (619)298-5844
E-mail: zgolden1@cox.net
Rate: $175 per hour, No days, No weekends.
Notes: Female sitter, Gay and straight babies ok, is a proffessional.
Daddy's Playpen
Age: 36 (As of 2014)
City: San Francisco
E-mail: thetucan@hotmail.com
Rate: $100.00 per hour. 2 hour minimum. POOP DIAPER CHANGES ARE $50.00 EXTRA. Overnights are available and long sessions (over 5 hours) with 24 hours notice.
Notes: Daddy is willing to travel to your home or to a hotel room and take care of your every need. I cater to little boys, little girls and sissy boys as well. I provide an assortment of baby toys, books, bottles baby food, pacifiers and attention for my littles. I happily change wet diapers and poop diapers are 50.00 extra per diaper. Drop me a line and we can explore your fantasy together. I can be nurturing and loving or I can teach you the true meaning of obedience. Email me and I will respond quickly. Call 510.359.7385 and make your appointment little one.
Penny Barber
City: San Francisco
E-mail: miss.penny.barber@gmail.com
Rate: $300 per hour
Notes:  I am an ABDL switch with a stunningly beautiful, well-equipped nursery in the heart of San Francisco. As a Mommy, I specialize in dominating sissy ABDLs, discipline, and erotic embarrassment. My favorite diapers are Bambino Classicos, but I do try out all different types, from Molicare to ABU. If you have a favorite diaper, I encourage you to bring it along to ensure that our time is as wonderful as possible and that you get everything you need. As an AB, I enjoy forced wetting, spankings, and more. Semi-public or discreet public sessions are available for established playmates.
Mommy Cybelle
City: San Francisco
Phone: 415-863-7326
E-mail: mcybelle@spiralway.com
Notes: Before you contact me, please look at my site carefully, and see if your interests are mentioned.
Mama Cherry
Age: 32 (As of 2014)
City: San Diego
E-mail: Laurennicole1981@yahoo.com
Rates: $80 an hour with a 2 hour minimum. $350 For 6 hours, $600 for 12 hours, or $1000 for 24 hours
Notes: Also I have a special wake up and get ready package. Ask for details. I am new to the San Diego area and I am looking to find some new (adult) boys and girls to take care of. I have experience taking care of all ages. I can come in as a Mommy Auntie or Nanny. I am very warm and affectionate with my charges but please understand you will get a red bum if need be. I love to give baths and keep baby all clean, I plan fun play time activities and always make sure you clean your plate and take naps. I think my favorite part of the day is when I hope you in my arms and rock you to sleep singing sweet lullabies.
Mama Melody
City: Santa Clara
website: www.mamamelody.webs.com 
E-mail: Contact me through my website
Rates: 70$ an hour, plus added fees for individual services and activities
Notes: No overnights. Pay-per-view video chat ticket prices vary. Professional Mama for hire out (I come to YOU), specializing in babies who need a very loving mommy or diaper furs. Extreme customization in play-dates, utmost discretion and understanding of all sorts of circumstances. Please see the website for more info. I also do pay-per-view live video chats every so often for those who are not in my area.
Daddy Ben
Age: 33 (As of 2014)
City: Southern California
E-mail: benjilynblack@gmail.com
Rates: $50/hr - 4hr min, $350/full day (8hrs), 1000/overnight (24hrs),
+travel expenses if more than 60 miles away -first 5 clients receive 20% discount!-
Notes:  I am male, 33 years old (I look much younger), 5'3", average weight. I can fill the role of Daddy, older brother, uncle, or nanny. I can also be an AB companion for some or all of our time together if you prefer. I can be a kind, gentle caretaker or a strict disciplinarian. Tell me about your ideal scenario and I'll do my best to make it happen. I do spankings, corner time, scoldings, potty training, and rectal temp. readings. I also do story time, cuddles, bottle feedings, diaper checks, and bath time. I can accommodate any chosen age, infant - little kid. Public outings can be done at your discretion in consideration of my judgement as to our degree of stealthiness. We can go toy shopping, to the zoo, museum, or a theme park (provided that you are responsible for any extra expenses). I come to your home or hotel room to care for you. You provide diapers, wipes, toys, bottles, food, etc. I change wet diapers at no extra charge - dirty diapers are $20 per change. Please email to acquire a client form or submit inquiries. I welcome male, female, transgender, gender variant, gay, straight, bi, pan, etc. clients of all colors, creeds, sizes, and shapes. Absolutely NO sexual acts will be performed by me or in my presence!
Daddy's Daycare
Age: 42 (As of 2014)
City: Central California
E-mail: another_node@hotmail.com
Rates: Rates negotiable
Notes: Fully stocked nursery for daycare playtime. Soft, gentle and relaxing baby time. Feedings, cuddles, bath time, and plenty of humiliating diaper time. No dirty diapers. Wet diapers ok. Dresser, Changing table, diapers, bottles, plastic panties, LOTS of baby / sissy clothes.

Chocolate Mama Katie
Age: 25 (As of 2014)
City: Near Denver
E-mail: ChocolateMamaK@yahoo.com
Rate: Rates very depending on location, extended or overnight rates. Contact Me For More Information.
Notes: Hello babies! I am a Mama located in the beautiful state of Colorado who is willing to give you the experience you deserve. You will get all my undivided attention and I will make you feel special like the adorable baby that you are. We can have a fun time together! We can play games, color, watch cartoons and read lots of stories. Mama can even nurse you with her own milk which provides the ultimate experience of the mother and baby relationship. I will only do this at your place or hotel! Please contact Mama Katie for all your questions! Have a good night sweeties...hope to tuck you in soon!

City: Cromwell
Rate: $150.00 for 2 hour session, $325.00 for 5 hours.
Notes: I will diaper, bathe and feed you, sing to you and read to you snuggle and nurse you.....sorry no milk but it's a wonderful feeling for baby....messy diapers are fine. I have been doing this for over 10 years...very happy clients! I do this at your place or hotel ...not my place. I have diapers bottles etc..... let momma take care of you! I am a bbw with dark red hair and brown eyes ...a soft lap to lay your head to nurse ...those are 44DD's !  call Momma at 860-818-1739
Daddy Dan
City: Hartford
E-mail: holtdan474@gmail.com
Rate: $50/hour, neg. per weekend.
Notes: I do weekends, gay and straight babies okay, no AB furnishings, professional. Please contact via e-mail address above.
Mommy Audrey
City: New Haven
E-mail: peepeebaby33@gmail.com
Site: http://www.wix.com/andyweiner23/mommyaudrey
         (please give a moment for page to load the flash)
Rate: 75$/hour. Multiple hour session rates may apply. Check out website for more detail.
Notes:  I change, feed, burp, put to sleep, rock (if feasible). I go to your place.
Playmate Pat
Age: 17 (As of 2014)
City: Seymour
E-mail: Sk8rkidd2640@aim.com
Rate: Free
Notes: I don't have any rates. If you want to tip me great. I'm just looking to have some fun and explore the TB/DL life. I'm really open to do anything just email me what you have in mind and we could make something work.
City: West Hartford
E-mail: mattgrehn1@sbcglobal.net
Rate: $115.00/hour, $200.00 per day, $300.00 overnight
Notes: I have no furnature. and I need dipers unless you don't mined store bought.

Momma Krissy
Age: 25 (As of 2014)
E-mail: purplexskittle@yahoo.com
Rate: $30/hr (2 hour minimum), $5 per diaper change, $20 per bath
Notes: I will come to your home only. Am willing to bring supplies upon request at extra cost. Prefer you to provide supplies. Willing to change diapers both 1 & 2 and bathe. Will drive anywhere in Delaware and parts of Maryland. Extra cost depending on how far I need to drive but very negotiable. NOTHING SEXUAL thank you. 

Age: 51 (As of 2014)
City: Daytona Beach
E-mail: sonny3w@yahoo.com
Rate: $50 per hour or $150 for 8 hours
Notes: No furniture but plenty of diapers. I change wet diapers only.
Tommy Teague
City: Deland
Phone: (863) 447-1385
Rate: $50 per hour, $150 per day, $200 per weekend,
Notes: non-professional, gay/straight okay, professional, female sitter available, some AB furnishings
Mistress Intrigue
City: Fort Lauderdale
E-mail: domina@mistressintrigue.com
City: Fort White
E-mail: the_changer22@yahoo.com
Rate: Females only. 5.00 per hour 200.00 per week. Must also supply hotel and travel. No home calls.
Notes: Must have own supplies. I do change all diapers even poopy ones.
LaLa Ingles
Age: 22 (As of 2014)
City: Jacksonville
E-mail: laurennenglish@gmail.com
Rate: Base Rate $800 (8 hours), -Diaper Changes (Wet Diapers), -Feeding, -Bed Time Stories, -Bathing...Additional 100$
Notes: -5 years of AB Experience -Will drive to you -Breast Feeding negotiable -Overnight negotiable -Specializes in plus sized babies who need a very loving mommy.
Age: 22 (As of 2014)
City: Orlando
E-mail: ittlebittledommy@gmail.com
Rate: Starting at $80hr. Rates may change.
Notes: My site is ittlebittledommy.moonfruit.com/ I am female born, queer identified. I can present as either male or female. I am AB/DL myself. I have lots of toys, games, pacis, bottles, and more. I am quite fond of roleplaying and can create custom scenarios to fulfill your needs. I am an experienced keyholder. Medical exams/milking available. I am available for nursing. Right now I can only do babysitting in your house or a hotel paid by you March '15 I plan to open my nursery which is to have furniture, clothing, toys, and more.
Visit my website for more information and regular updates.
Daddy Kev
City: Orlando
E-mail: kev_arndt2002@yahoo.com
Rate: Reasonable rates, that can be very flexible email me for details and info. Open most times
Notes: In a nice and caring daddy who will come take care of you. I only take care of girls
bABysitter Nicole
Age: 37 (As of 2014)
City: Tampa Bay/St.Petersburg
E-mail: dvnashe@hotmail.com
Rate: Here's a link to my site.It also has information about setting up visits and such:)> http://devannicole.com/nursery.html
Notes: Hello, I’m Nicole and you’ve perhaps already seen me in other areas of the ABDL community. I’m a very active ABDL bABysitter in the U.S., seeing people daily. I have an all new Nursery, well over 400 pairs of diapers at any given time, print, non-print, cloth, disposable, sissy plastic pants, onesies, cute baby dresses, you name it, I likely have it here ;). I see a lot of people, male AND female locally, from other states, and countries, usually people who live far from me are either in my area on business or holiday, but I do have a few each year who come solely to "play". Please ONLY contact me if you are serious about a visit, I won’t waste your time. I love my ABDL lifestyle and the friends I have made throughout the years. See my link above, there are many pics, true stories and information about what this naughty bABysitter likes!
Doctor Daddy
Age: 45 (As of 2014)
City: West Palm Beach
E-mail: ellencurious49@yahoo.com
Rate: Contact for prices.
Notes: I do Diapering, Changing of the diaper, Punishment and Stress Relief.
Mommy Kay
Age: Unknown
City: South Florida but also New England, NY and NJ
E-mail: Kennita_j@live.com
Rate: negotiable/volunteer
Notes: I am a new Mommy in the AB/DL society. I am passive/gentle and will never do anything such as bondage or spankings/hitting.
I want care for my baby boys and girls by feeding, grooming, bathing, changing your wet diapers. Also playing with my babies and walks and playground activities, bottle feedings or breast feedings, cuddling and soothing music. This will be a Mommy/baby relationship and non sexual relationship/friendship.

Age: 18 (As of 2014)
City: Athens
E-mail: josephbasca@gmail.com
Rate: Free!!! Although financial support is appreciated.
Notes: Simply looking for a AB girl to take care of, preferably in Georgia for distance but am also open to longer distances.

Daddy Babysitter or Friend in Chicago IL
Age: 22 (As of 2014)
City: Chicago
E-mail: abdaddykinz@gmail.com
Rate: Free
Notes: I love Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers. I love to change diapers and feed babies and give baths and give love. I'll do anything baby needs Including punishment. I'll either be your Babysitter or like a family member to you and if you really want I'll be daddy. Visiting AB's or DL's are welcome too Or Online Daddy or Babysitter. My email is abdaddykinz@gmail.com. My services are free. But if you want you can make me a donation :)
Mommy Meredith
Age: 30 (As of 2014)
City: Chicago
E-mail: abdlmommymeredith@gmail.com
Site: http://www.mommymadeline.com/mommy_meredith.htm
Rate: Check my site for rates and other information.
Mommy Madeline
City: Chicago
E-mail: mommymadeline@gmail.com
Site: http://www.mommymadeline.com
Rate: See my website
Notes: Complete ABDL nursery with highchair, changing table, crib, toys, equipment, and hundreds of diapers in various sizes and types.
City: Schaumburg (NW Burb of Chicago)
E-mail: wetnwantn@yahoo.com
Rate: $65/Hour $500/day
Notes: Sorry, the nursery is closed for remodeling. Will re-open 8/15/03. I miss my babies!!!

Indiana Daddy Care
Age: 34 (As of 2014)
City: Fort Wayne
E-mail: surferdolphin22@hotmail.com
Rates: Free for those needing care
Notes: I will check and change diapers. Cuddle you to sleep when I change you I will use wipes, lotion and powder. Willing to do public changes checks whatever you are wanting to experience.
Age: 30 (As of 2014)
City: Fort Wayne
E-mail: Surferdolphin22@hotmail.com
Rates: Free if you need care (Teen Babies ONLY)
Notes: I will check and change diapers full change. I will use lotion, wipes and powder on you and make you feel all good and refreshed diapered and ready.
Ashley Kemple
Age: 19 (As of 2014)
City: Fort Wayne
E-mail: kemple1994@gmail.com
Rates: E-mail for rates.
Nanny Lynnette
City: Hartford City
Site: http://www.nannylynnette.com/
E-mail: ladylynnette@yahoo.com
Mommy CeCe
City: Hobart
E-mail: MommyCeCe@hotmail.com
Rates: $100 an hour. Available days are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Notes: I am a loving Mommy/Babysitter for gay/straight little boys and girls.

Mike DeNeut
City: 721 Locust St. LaPorte City, Iowa 50651
E-mail: md16185@yahoo.com
Phone: 319-404-7356
Rate: $25 per hour,  $200 per day,  $350 per weekend
Notes: Male sitter, Straight babies only, is a proffessional.
Daddy Toddler
City: Princeton
E-mail: bharlock17@yahoo.com 
Rate: $25.00 Hr $50.00 for 12hrs $100.00 for 24hr $200.00 for 2days Or 500.00 for one week.
Notes: Have two real baby beds put together to make one, Have highchair, babytoys, bottles, pics, diapers, & some adult size baby clothing for slim people.

Sweet Mommy Emma
Age: 43 (As of 2014)
City: Lexington
E-mail: sweetsouthernemma@ymail.com
Rate: $99/hour, $300/4 hr (One hour minimum)
Notes: Sweet Southern Loving Lactating Mommy Services. Will Skype or do Yahoo Cam so I can see my sweet babies. Phone / Online / Skype / Yahoo Cam Only. I am a loving, nurturing, lactating Mommy with a sweet voice that will sing to you, tell you stories or read you stories. I will kiss you, hold you, cuddle you and caress you while you breastfeed. I will change your messy or wet diapers, give you baths, powder your bottom, massage you all over and feed you your favorite meals. I especially love playtime too where we play baby games of your liking. I am available M - F from 9 am to 9 pm Eastern time.  Weekends by request.
Maci Hart
Age: 30 (As of 2014)
City: Louisville
E-mail: Macikisses@gmail.com
Rate: I'm not charging!!!! Love being a mommy!!!!!!
Notes: Hello,  I'm Maci. I live in Louisville. and enjoy caring for a baby. I am a preop transgender lady. And since I can't have a baby I'm looking for an ab. Maybe possibly have adoption of one or two. So if your close to the area, drop me an email.

Mommy Anna
Age: 32 (As of 2014)
City: Baltimore
E-mail: ABDLSitter@gmail.com
Website: www.DiaperSitter.com
Rate: See "Rates" tab on website
Mistress Psyche
City: Baltimore
E-mail: psyche@connext.net

Marc Davis
City: Weymouth 02189
E-mail: forced2serve@aol.com
Rate: $75 per hour, N/A per day, N/A per weekend
Notes: Male sitter, Gay and straight babies ok.
Stephen O'Malley
City: Weymouth 02189
E mail: str8mforolderm@aol.com
Rates for serives: $25 - $50 hour depending on location, etc
Comments and details need to travel, but will travel to males any age (18 - 70) that need a male to sit/ diaper change/ spank/ bottle feed, etc

City: Ann Arbor
E-mail: lovingmommyA2@yahoo.com
Rates: My rate is $50/Hour with a 2/Hour minimum. I require my little ones to book a hotel room and bring their own materials for the session. Daily and weekly rates can be arranged. I also offer specials for frequent bookings.
Notes: Hello darlings and dolls, I am a Pro Mommy/Babysitter based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I enjoy loving and spoiling my little ones. I love to nurture and cuddle. I do baths, feedings, read books and have play time. I also change wet diapers only. Please contact me via email for more information. Love, Mommy.
Ed David
City: Clinton Township
Phone: 810-226-0673 anytime
E-mail: edavid@wwnet.com
Mommy B
Age: 36 (As of 2014)
City: Detroit
E-mail: miadultbabysitter@aol.com
Rates:  $50 per hour, $300 for an 8 hour day
Notes: Your place only. Will travel within Southeast MI. Feeding, bathing, diapering, cuddling- reasonable punishment if you wish. Nothing sadistic and no adult play.
Randy Thompsom
Age: 49 (As of 2014)
City: Flint
E-mail: randythompson283@yahoo.com
Rates: Not a Professional I will not charge, avaliable on the weekends. Will have to be at your place
Notes: No AB furniture. I will babysit Female or Male babies. Make sure baby is over 18 yrs of age. You will have to provide all your things such as diapers, bottles, formula, juice, and baby food. I will change you and feed you, baby must use diapers only no pull-ups.
City: Flint Area
E-mail: phonenannyscarlet@yahoo.com
Rates: $1.99 a min. U.S. and Canada,$2.99 a min. International
Notes: I am a PhoneMommy for Phoneamommy.com. I have real time AB care experience as well. WHat I offer is ABDL Phone sessions, and domestic discipline scenes. Some of my specialties are forced diapering, humiliation, feminization, spanking, Regression, and chloro baby.
Age: 28 (As of 2015)
City: Grand Rapids
E-mail: codeqrisis@yahoo.com
Rates: I do not charge for time. I do however charge for diapers, as they are specialty AB/TB diapers such as Bambinos, ASC, ABU etc, I charge $5.00 a diaper.  If willing to wear store bought then much cheaper. If you provide your own diapers, then no charge whatsoever.
Notes: Will change any diapers whether wet or messy. Willing to be a daddy, big brother or fellow AB companion. I come to you as I can not host. I have a variety of AB clothing, diapers, and occasionally pacifiers at my disposal. Willing to play out certain fantasies, but nothing sexual. Will only travel as far as Fremont, Hesperia, and all of Kent County.
Age: 20 (As of 2014)
City: (East) Lansing
E-mail: adultbaby92@yahoo.com
Rates: FREE
Notes: Looking for any Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, or anyone interested in feminization, spankings, humiliation, forced diapering, or bondage. Please send me an email. I offer FREE babysitting for both guys and gals. I just love to take care of people. I change poopy and wet diapers.
Ryan Brown
City: Mason
E-mail: lionheart1517@yahoo.com
Phone: (517) 391-7485
Notes: Hi there my number is 517-391-7485 please call. I am looking for little baby boys and girls that I can come and visit anytime to change their diapers for them and take care of them. I will change both wet and messy diapers and am looking for babies of any age / sex / and orientation. please feel free to give me a call anytime thank u.
City: Twin Lake
E-mail: twsome@verizon.net
Phone: (231) 750-5634
Notes: up for all kinds of chat 231-750-5634

Age: 23 (As of 2014)
City: SW Metro Minneapolis
E-mail: wedgieinwhitebriefs@yahoo.com
Rates: Happy to sit for any age with hourly rates.
Notes: Have some footed pajamas, limited supply of bed wetting diapers, will change wet or messy diapers, and also enjoy giving wedgies and swirlies.

Joel Schmidt
City: Chesterfield
Phone: (314) 907-4659 anytime
Rate: $10 per hour, $50 per full day, $100 per weekend,
Notes: gay/straight okay, non-professional, no female sitter available, no AB furnishings
City: Kansas City
E-Mail: diaper.tyler@yahoo.com
Notes: I am a bi daddy looking for male baby of any age. You supply everything and we meet at your place.

Daddy Chris
Age: 30 (As of 2015)
City: Billings
Rate: Rates depend on customer needs, e-mail for prices.
Notes: I do not have any furnishings.
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