Glendora California
This page was last updated on: April 8, 2022
        Below are pictures taken of a school called Sunflower in Glendora California. It's a privatly run special education school. One picture is of a overhead shot of the school. 

        This school had a point system. You got graded through the day and based on your points, you got put in one of 5 catagories. They went from "Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, Excellent". You had to take it home, get it signed and return it to the teacher the following day. I guess this kept the parents up to speed on the students day. It just didn't say what did or didn't happen. Just had points. 

       Like many special education schools, based on one of the 5 levels, you got to pick from one of 5 shelves. They had stuff like erasers that looked like animals and stickers for the lowest level, and cokes and chips for the highest. 

       As with all special education schools, I could care less. The point system, the daily rewards, and hourly rewards like M&M's on your desk along with a "Good job for working quietly" made me feel like a 5 year old. I was 10 at this school for crying out loud. All these schools treated the students like little kids. The points and reward system just pissed me off. I may be AB, but in public or at work/school, such treatment aggravates me. I can't stand being babied.       

       Anyway, here is a picture of a overhead view of the school. There is also a cream colored arrow pointing to where the time out room is, behind the office. It has a door of it's own to enter the time out room area where the cubicals and smaller time out room boxes are at and that's where the arrow is pointing to. The second picture is of the exit of the school (Lower left hand corner of the overhead picture).