This page was last updated on: April 8, 2022
This is a picture of me in my blanket sleeper a AB friend of mine gave me for christmas. I use it a lot in the winter. 
This is a picture of my stuffed puppy dog I sleep with. He helps me to feel safe enough to sleep at night.
This is a picture of my adult size crib I built for around one hundred dollars. it's 6 feet long and 3 1/2 feet wide and the side bars are 2 feet tall and the foot and headboard is 4 feet.
This is a picture of my crib mobile that I got for $20.00 at Walmart. Was a nice find since I really like puppy dogs. 
This is a picture of my changing table. Of course it's not made for an adult but hey. I got it for $30.00 at Toys-R-Us. Holds my supplies very well. 

This is a picture of the red curtains against the green baby blue wall, with the traffic light to the left and the crib on the bottom.
This is a picture of the crib and night table which has diapers in it. And of course the Ocean Wonders Aquarium on the side of the crib.  
This is a picture of the crib again with the Ocean Wonders Aquarium and other sound makers attached to the railings to help baby sleep. :)
This is a picture of the red wall that turned out more orange...lol. Wer have red curtains on both windows and wooderns "BLUE" above.
This is a picture This is the Green wall, looks white in this picture. Got my train clock that toots on the hours. And my pillow with birth year on the shelf along with plushies. 
This is a picture of the foot of the crib. I have a baby blanket with a teddy bear on it as a footboard decoration. I find it very babyish to look at in the morning when I wake up.
This is a shot into my crib from above the footboard. You can see the mobile, puppy and the Ocean Wonders Aquarium along with my baby blanket. 
This is a picture of my door decoration that was made for me one year. You can put a picture in the "o" but I have not found one suitable as of yet.
This is a picture of myLincon Logs and Lego's.
This is a picture of the yellow wall. The wall where the crib now sits as I rearranged. The full langth mirror is great for checking your diaper out. :)
This is a picture of my baby blue lap shoulder onesie I got for free as part of doing the "My Crazy Obsession" episode in February 2012.
This is a picture of me wearing a size 6 Huggies Ultra baby diaper. It's actually a joke picture I made to make people think I actually could fit in it. But in reality it's me sitting down with the baby diaper covering from between my legs to then up to my waist. So it gives the impression that it fits. But yep, it's all a illusion. I had posted it on Facebook but someone reported it as me being nude. Last time I checked someone wearing a diaper shows no private parts. But whatever. So here's the picture that Facebook deemed as showing nudity. LOL