Hello and welcome to Bed Wetting AB/DL. This page was made to give thanks to all those who help to keep this site up and running and free for all who need and enjoy it. I think sometimes visitors and members forget that this site really doesn't have much income. The affiliate links send this site $20.00 about every other month give or take. For this site to stay up we rely on the members and visitors to help out with donations.

     I wish we had this page up earler, we have been so grateful to the members who have helped out in the past. So from here on out this page is to list and give thanks to every single person who helps out from this day forward. Please don't think you need to give mass money to help. Every dollar helps. Thank you all for your support!

  -Stanley and Staff

Donator                           Donation Amount           Date
Frank                                         $20.00                  03/03/2006
Arron                                         $15.00                  10/04/2011
Jacqueline                                $10.00                  10/10/2011
Raymond (AKA-Friend335)    $  5.00                   11/01/2011
Jeff M                                        $30.00                   11/07/2011
Jeff M                                        $30.00                   12/02/2011
Tony S (AKA-DaddyO)            $  5.00                   12/24/2011
TMS                                           $30.00                   05/21/2012
Unlock Youri                            $30.00                   09/30/2013
Kathryn M                                 $10.00                   01/09/2014
KBlade/Stanley's Daddy         $10.00                   08/18/2014
KBlade/Stanley's Daddy         $20.00                   08/25/2014
KBlade/Stanley's Daddy         $30.00                   09/15/2014
KBlade/Stanley's Daddy         $15.00                   10/18/2014
KBlade/Stanley's Daddy         $30.00                   01/07/2015
Ada Lee                                    $  5.00                   09/26/2015
Ewing S                                    $25.00                   09/20/2016
Nathan C                                  $30.00                    12/12/2016
Brian F                                      $30.00                   02/24/2017
Brian F                                      $15.00                   03/29/2017
Marcus R                                  $15.00                   05/13/2017
Brian F                                      $15.00                   08/04/2017
MC                                             $  5.00                   02/07/2018
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