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Last Mommy/Daddy/Sitter added: October 31, 2018
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Age: 56 (As of 2018)
City: Glasgow
Rate: Free but if asked to come a long distance would want help with travel and accommodation costs. 
Notes: I am a father of two (now adults) and worked all my life as a nurse so VERY used to diaper / nappy changing and all aspects of cleaning and skin care as well as stoma care. I never had a son of my own and would love a young lad / man to look after 100% from time to time. I live on a small beautiful island and can accommodate beautiful little babies overnight or weekends too. Happy to advise and supply new products and changing mats etc if needed.
Mrs. Walker
Age: 54 (As of 2018)
City: Glasgow
Rate: Contact me for prices
Notes: Sleep in a cot, Eat in a high chair with a bib, Drink from a bottle, Have a playpen, Be given a bath, Get put over mummy's knee for regular bare bottom spankings, Mess your diapers and get put on the potty in front of mummy in an attempt to get out of nappies. Chastity, Anal play - strap on, inspection and prostrate