Sunday, 11/06/05 5:54PM 
Glad found this site it seems to be a site that allows us to talk and other try to make you feel at home when 
you log on to it. I do not fit the AB part I am more of an older child around 8 that sometimes wet his pants or use them as a potty and a boy that still bed wets at night time.

I do wear diapers for real from age of 19 and wore them or was suppose to wear them till about the age of 17.

Would love to find another person that want to play and share with each other that might want to play as an older boy or boy and girl playing house or just kids out exploring that both have to go potty and then try to 
figure out how and where to go just play with another boy that feels he is a sissy and want to be treated like a girl would be ok too.

hugs and dry warm panst to all

Where are you from? Dallas Oregon
How did you find this site? by accident

I am AB/DL and a Bed Wetter

Tuesday, 11/15/05 4:24PM 
Donald Wilson
I really like this site.

Where are you from? Youngstown Ohio
What is your e-mail address?,,
How did you find this site? looking on the internet

I am just DL

Friday, 11/25/05 6:12PM
Donald Wilson    

I like to be in the diapers 24/7

City and State your from? Youngstown Ohio
What is your e-mail address?
How did you find this site? Internet

I am AB/DL

Wednesday, 11/30/05 7:48PM

Hi. Your story section is really what I like about this site. Decent forums, but a bit complicated. As for the stories, though, fantastic stuff.  

City and State your from? USA
Your Web site address?
Your web site name?  Lil Teen Baby's Website
How did you find this site?  Google, of course.
I am AB/DL