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Last Mommy/Daddy/Sitter added: January 19, 2019
Age: 41 (As of 2014)
City: Hamilton
Rate: Negotiable - New babies need to explain how they want to spend their day with Daddy-O, then we agree on a price. I'm thinking of $50 for first hour (to cover preparation), then $15 for remaining time. I have my own house & live alone, so babies are welcome to come here - please bring own diapers, blanky, bottle, etc. All babies welcome!
Notes: I've worked with handicapped adults in the past so I have experience changing diapers, making babies' meals, etc. I don't have furniture for AB. Be patient if I take time to reply to my new babies.
The Best Mummy!
Age: 29 (As of 2015)
City: Waikato
Rate:  $150.00 dollars for first hour, $100 dollars every hour after.
Notes: Young fabulous mummy who takes great care of you and is a lot of fun, but also likes her babies to be well behaved so is not shy with discipline. Comes to the babies house and has lots of fun, book reading, songs and other things baby likes doing! Mummy is very flexible with different kinds of babies but is far too glamorous to change dirty diapers. Sometimes mummy is traditional (jeans and sweater) and other times can be a busy working mummy (corporate) or a traditional housewife, as all babies may prefer a different kind of mummy. Mummy only takes on specific clients and will need to talk to Daddy on the phone first to discuss the rules - and prefers on going clients. Once you have this special mummy you will miss her when she's gone!
Mamma Kat
Age: 36 (As of 2015)
City: Wellington
Rate: $150 Per Hour, nappy change extra
Mommy Sue
Age: 67 (As of 2015)
City: Wellington
Rate: Three Hundred New Zealand Dollars for the first two hours, then One Hundred New Zealand Dollars per hour after.  Please contact me for rates for more than four hours. Note the minimum stay is for two hours.
Notes: We have a cot, high chair, changing table. Mommy loves looking after ABs and will change you when you are wet.  No dirty nappies/diapers.  No sexual contact.
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