Welcome to the mailing list page. On this page you can sign up to receive FREE up to the minute updates that are done on the site. It let's you know of changes on the site, new programs and any other general information. Basically it's a copy of the site updates page sent to your e-mail. In addition to that you also get notices of additional changes to the site throughout the month. 

      The mailing list is not a way to meet girls/guys. No one on the mailing list can see each others e-mail address, or comments you make in the comments section. Only I will see the e-mail address and comments, so no one else on the mailing list can e-mail you. 

      All e-mail address are what is knowen as blocked carbon copy for privacy. The only address ANYONE will see is mine and the person who get's the e-mail. What is used from the form below is your name and e-mail address which is added to the list of others who wish to have a mail when there is a change on the site.

If you have a question or comment click HERE. What the mailing list is NOT for is meeting a Mommy, Daddy or Baby Sitter. If your looking for a Mommy, Daddy or Baby Sitter, please click HERE. No one else will see your comments or your e-mail address except me. No one will see any of your information. The comments section is used so you can write me a personal message if you feel it needed regarding the mailing list. For example, telling me about a change of e-mail address.

      The purpose of the mailing list is to let members know of updates, and site news, that's it....nothing else. An e-mail is sent to mailing list members to let them know changes have been made to the site and what those changes are. This way you don't have to keep checking the site to see if anything was changed or added. You will know the second any changes are made. 

      We have also lately been getting asked by people on the mailing list to send them "freebies". We don't have the money to give everyone a diaper or bottle or whatever else someone wants. We don't send members diapers, baby bottles, cribs, pay for sitters, medical procedures to fix bed wetting or to cause bed wetting or anything else that costs money. We just don't have the money. 

      I'm sorry but we are not a corporation. We don't have thousands of dollars funding this site. This site is paid for by using money left over after paying my bills. Sometimes I have $10.00 here and $20.00 there when someone donates from time to time which is rare. But other than that there is no money. You will have to figure out how to get your own supplies or your own babying treatment. Sorry.

      If you would like to take advantage of this FREE service, then please fill out the form below and click "Submit", otherwise, just visit the Site Updates Page once a month. Also, if you already joined the mailing list, please don't submit to join repeatedly. All that will do is send you several copies of the same e-mail instead of one and makes more work for me. You don't have to sign up again each month. Your not going to get kicked off the mailing list unless you ask to be removed, or your e-mail comes back as undeliverable. And if your not serious about signing up, please don't sign up with a fake address that's going to come back undeliverable. It's a waste of time. And also, please don't sign up others without their permission, it's not a joke and it's not funny. I do get in trouble for that, and I didn't do anything to you to deserve that so please don't do it. Thank you for visiting Bed Wetting AB/DL.


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