Saturday, 1/6/01, 1:10 PM 

Your site is very informative and helpful. I notice it lacks pics, but probably there is a reason, which in some ways is good. 

From: Oregon 
Web Site:  None
E-mail:  inkywonky@hotmail.com
How did you find this site? Babymatt


Mommy Auburn
Thursday, 1/11/01, 8:35 AM 

*cuddles stanley*...your site looks fantastic with all the new changes baby..job very well done! Told you..ya always make me proud. *hugs n smooches* I love ya lots..Mommy 

From: Penna. 
E-mail:  BluEyedLioness34@aol.com
How did you find this site? Proud ta say..created by my son =)


Dave Jessie 
Wednesday, 1/10/01, 3:52 AM

Stanley, this update is awesome. I really like everything you have done to the page. Keep on rocking bro. :) Dave 

From: Atlanta, Ga. 
E-mail:  dl_jes@hotmail.com
How did you find this site? It's my brother's website.


Joey Collier 
Sunday, 1/14/01, 5:00 PM 

hey I like the new look keep up the good work on the site. you have a great service going on here 

From: san luis obispo 
E-mail:  guitar_ultimate@yahoo.com
How did you find this site? you gave it to me silly


Darryl Miller 
Wednesday, 1/17/01, 12:09 PM 

Since my childhood bedwetting led me into the AB/DL lifestyle, I find it amusing that you chose to combine the two as the name of your web page. I just got here, so I cannot tell what I think of your page yet, But, I will scroll through it and see what all you offer an Adult, bedwetting, diaper lover like myself. Darryl (LilDman) Miller 

From: Marietta, Georgia
Web Site:  LilDman's Bedwetters Venting Page
E-mail:  dmill1_1999@yahoo.com
How did you find this site? link from dpf


Monday, 1/29/01, 11:57 AM 

From: Houston 
Web Site:  Byran's Page of Diapered Fun
E-mail: Babybry71@Yahoo.com


Monday, 1/29/01, 5:30 PM 

Cool site looks very promising. The crib you built is an absoulute marvel! How big is it? How much weight will it hold(2AB/DLs)mayby? Would a 6'2" AB fit comfortably? I have been looking for something like this for some time and your design is by far the nicest ive seen. A crib in my opinoin has to have solid end panels for nursery print pictures. Id be very interested in buying a set of plans providing my big body would fit,He He. Do you have any adult high chair plans? A nice wooden adult high chair with a high back for nursery print pictures would be so cute. Well i look forward to hearing from you. TTFN Jim 

From: Wisconsin 
Web Site:  LeoJIIX
E-mail:  LeoJIIX@kbjrmail.com
How did you find this site? Deeker's link page