Pictures from the filming of 
        a episode of Taboo 
   from National Geographic
       Welcome. This page is about the filming National Geographic did that took place for a episode of the show "Taboo" about AB's titled "Fantasy Lives". The discription on the National Geographic website about this Taboo episode is:

       "Since the beginning of time, humans have indulged in fantasy. But in today's fast-paced and anonymous societies, fantasy lives often begin to verge on the taboo. In this episode, a grown man chooses to role-play as a diaper-wearing baby. A Florida woman treats a vinyl doll like a real infant, caring meticulously for its every need. A Japanese kick boxer cross-dresses as female anime characters. And a suburban father breaks a moral code by keeping one family in reality and another in a virtual world. This is a rarely glimpsed journey into the mysterious world where real life collides with fantasy and enters into the taboo."

       First I would like to share what was filmed and the work behind it all and after that there are some pictures that were taken of me and the film crew just goofing off between shoots. 

      Me and Sandra (AKA Gypsy12143) did the filming for this episode back in August 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st 2010. So it’s really exciting to see it all come together. We had so much that they wanted to film me and Sandra doing. 

         About 2 weeks before they came, they sent ahead $250.00 to build and paint one of two high chairs. The idea being to build and have totally ready one high chair so we can start taping with it right away, and just film the second one being put together while they were here. Also building the first one helped me iron out mistakes as it was the first high chair so the second one was made much easier. 

On the first day (August 28th), they filmed a interview with me and Sandra. It took a bit doing the interviews because kids outside playing was being picked up in the microphone so we had to wait for them to be quiet again. Even the AC and fans had to be turned off because the microphones were that sensitive.

        Then they filmed us doing site work on the computers. Filmed Sandra doing her “Ask Mommy” and “Ask A Mom” questions. Then they filmed the process of making the diaper tapes we make 
( We also discussed about the crib ( and high chair 
( plans. 

          And we filmed a little about the baby style bed and breakfast we used to do here where guests can stay in a nursery complete with a adult sized crib, high chair and play pen just to name a few that’s called Nursery and Breakfast. It stopped when Sandra got sick in 2011.

        Later that evening we filmed getting the wood and all to make the high chair at my local Lowes hardware store. That took 4 hours all by itself to film. They shot many things from 2 or 3 different angles. Then they had me pick something off the shelf, put it back and take it back off again a few times at different speeds of movement and such. I guess so they could choose what shot to use. So it makes sense to take several shots of the same thing to have plenty to choose from. It was quite labor intensive. 

        It took a while because they had a high def camera so it took a while to set the camera up before we could actually start. The producer also paid another $250.00 or so for the supplies of the second high chair as well. So I didn’t have to pay for anything for the two high chairs. That was nice. I have been wanting to make the high chair for quite some time. And that was it for that day of filming. 

       The second day (August 29th) we did some shoots in the garage filming me sanding, drilling and all with putting the second high chair together. It was a little hard because they had the garage door open a little for better light, and people walking by would see the camera and lights and would poke their head in, or start talking while we were trying to film. It was a bit annoying like after the 5th take of the same scene. But that’s the way it is, someone sees a camera and has to get into it. So it took longer having to reset when someone started talking, asking questions and such. 

        Later we did a scene on the sofa where Sandra did a spoon feeding of a jar of baby food. Then they filmed me cooking a dinner of shells, sauce and hamburger mixed together. That took awhile because if they missed me stirring or adding something they would have me do it again. There was 2 takes of me just taking the meat out of the fridge among other retakes. 

      After it was done we switched and set up in the living room with the high chair. They asked me to wear my sleeper that has penguins all over it to help it feel more babyish. It was hot having that sleeper on in 90 degree summer weather. So we kept the fans and AC on till the last possible second before the camera was turned on to stay cool. 

        So I sat in the high chair while Sandra handed me the food and we ate while I was wearing my sleeper. That took about 4 takes, plus they did a few still shots with a digital camera. After we got the shots, Jeremy (the producer) and Geoff (the camera guy) both took turns sitting in the high chair posing for pictures like they were being fed. One picture I have is of Jeremy feeding Geoff a spoon of food. We did get some time to goof off and all between scenes. After that scene in the high chair we called it a night.

        The third day (August 30th) the crew arrived again around 3pm and Jeremy caught me off guard by handing me a set of jumper cables. That morning we were having problems with the battery in the car. We had to call our roadside service to give us a jump to get back home. It turned out the battery that was in the car when we bought it was 10 years old, and was only rated for 3. So it was seriously failing. 

       On average we could only start the car two times per day or the battery would die if you tried to start it again.  We just didn’t have the money for a new battery at the time. So I called Jeremy and asked him if he had cables in his rental car just in case we needed a jump. He didn’t have to do it, but he went out and got a set of jumper cables for us. It was very nice of him, he really didn’t have to do that. 

       Anyway, on the third day we filmed me in the nursery doing a few things like a mini tour of the nursery that’s also used for guests of the Nursery and Breakfast. We did a shot with the play pen in the nursery with me inside playing with Lego’s. I altered a baby’s play yard by beefing up the floor with a half inch thick plywood board which now makes it able to support up to 400 pounds. Very safe. We did one with me in the living room in the play pen playing with Playdoh. After that shoot Geoff got in the play pen to try it out and played with Playdoh. Then we packed up around 6pm to go and film the shot at the local park. 

      Normally I go at 6am when they just open and no one is there. That way I can play on the play set without anyone watching and pointing. And I choose to play on the play set that early so no children are present. Yea I enjoy letting the kid inside out to play, but I NEVER do it in front of children and do my best to not do it in front of adults if avoidable either. But sometimes it’s just going to happen that 1 or 2 adults might be around when I play. Well anyway they needed to film during good sunlight hours. So we went at 6pm. 

        On the way we stopped at the gas station to refuel Jeremy’s van. Jeremy again shocked me by telling us to refuel our van as well. We were almost on E. It cost $55.00 to fill the 20 gallon tank. Jeremy didn’t have to do that. Hell 2 gallons would have been enough for the two places we would have had to go to finish filming other than the house. It was very nice of him. 

      After we finished getting gas we headed over to the park. It was still VERY busy. So we filmed a few shots of me just driving up and walking out of the shot to the swings. That took 3 takes to film due to the kids wanting to know if we were from one of the news stations or something. But the park was still very busy even after that. Jeremy wanted the shot anyway. So I did something I don’t like doing, I played in front of people however I toned it WAY down to just swinging on the swing. 

     Jeremy had everyone step out of the shot and he filmed me once again driving up, getting out and going to swing. The swinging took like 8 takes if I remember right. It was difficult because everyone was watching me. It made it hard to let the baby side come out in front of so many people. I am on the shy side when it comes to being in public.

       I am not even sure I smiled that much because I was so nervous. I am not much for a crowd. But it was a crowd with all eyes on me, so that made it difficult, nearly impossible to get into the baby mindset. I couldn’t be happier when he called cut and we packed up. Hopefully it was usable. 

     So from there we took a dinner break for a hour. We ate and Sandra needed to lay down and rest for a few hours, it was a long filming day. So while she was sleeping the crew returned and we continued filming. For this they filmed me in the room again, this time on the floor in the sleeper playing with Puppy, my stuffed dog and some Lego’s. Making like Puppy was eating the Lego’s and all. 

      From there we set up again in the living room floor to do a similar scene, this time playing with army men and trucks staging a play war. From there they filmed me in the high chair in the room as a baby with puppy on my shoulder. By this time Sandra had woken up so we set up a mock bed time. 

      Sandra was in her bed, me in my sleeper laying back on her with me drinking a bottle of apple juice while she read me a story. From there I got in my crib and they filmed me in the crib from a few angles. Then they had Sandra came in and she tucked me in, sang a lullaby and then turned off the light in the room on the way out. 

      Then we did a mock morning where she came in, woke me up and went from there. Jeremy asked if I ever walked around in a diaper and T-shirt normally. When it’s just me and Sandra, ya, somtimes. But it’s taken me knowing Sandra for almost 8 years before I was comfortable enough to even do that. We called a night with that. But I said I really didn’t feel like doing something like that on camera. But he asked me to think it over anyway. And he and the crew left for the night.

        On the 4th day they had us meet them at the supermarket they lined up to shoot me doing the monthly food shopping. Jeremy told me to shop like I normally did. He said National Geographic will be picking up the bill. I was a bit shocked, but still I wasn’t going to take advantage and start just grabbing up everything. I’m not like that. He filmed me getting a shopping cart, picking out some food. 

        It was a little difficult because the store was active while we were shooting. We had people walking in the shot, kids screaming so we had several re-takes. We went down the baby isle as well getting a package of size 5 (the largest they had) pack of Luvs that I use as diaper doublers to boost absorbency of the adult diapers that I have to wear for wetting accidents. He had me pick it up 4 different times, place it in the cart and walk out of the shot. Same with the pacifier and jars of baby food as well. 

     We got to the meat section where he asked me to get the things we used to make the dinner the other night. He then pointed out the steaks I passed up due to the price and told me to get some if I wanted. But I felt $40.00 was way too much to spend, even on someone else’s dime. 

     He insisted it was ok. He seemed a bit bothered that I wasn’t taking advantage of the situation. Sorry, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. So we picked out a few other things and went to check out. 

     The total for the food was like $320.00 something dollars. Sadly the store we shopped at, the prices for items were double to triple the price at say a place like Wal-mart or Winco so we can’t afford to shop there other than that one time. But Jeremy just couldn’t get permission from Wal-mart or Winco to film at. 

     So we had to find a privately owned location, and that means higher prices. I just felt a little bad for having gotten so much. But Jeremy said it was perfectly fine. Still though, he didn’t have to do that. I had no problem going very cheaply. 

        From there we came home, and they helped me unload the car and put things away. Then we filmed me and Sandra coloring with me in a diaper and T-shirt and finally some last minute shots of me in my room playing and something Jeremy called a “Hero Shot” of me standing still for several minutes in regular street clothes, and then a shot in a diaper and T-shirt. 

        Then they packed up to head to Sheela Stocks (my old therapist) for her interview about the psychological side of why someone would be a adult baby and then they moved on to their next shooting. That was about it. 

       That's about it. Below are a few pictures taken during the filming. I hope you enjoyed reading about our experience filming this episode. Take care.

       This picture is of the camera guy in the play pen playing with playdoh and that's the producer standing behind him. The play pen is actually called a "Play Yard". It's about 3 feet wide and 3 feet long. Orginally it wouldn't support adult weight, but I put a sheet of inch thick ply wood in the bottom and it held me just fine, and I weight 320 pounds. I am a big guy. This one of many pictures taken of me, Sandra and the camera crew goofing off between shots. 
       This picture is of the camera guy in the high chair with the producer trying to feed him.  In this picture I finished painting the chair white. So they got to play with the finished high chair. We had a lot of fun with the chair, and you really do feel small in it. I mean, look at the camera guy, he looks really small in the high chair. Sure he's not a baby? :) Just kidding. :)
       This picture is of the producer in the high chair and me standing next to him doing corney bunny ears. Don't ask me why I did 
       This picture is of the producer again, and this time more of the chair is shown. He's banging on the tray for dinner.....yum.