Dubnoff Center
 Burbank California
This page was last updated on: April 7, 2022
        Below are pictures taken of Dubnoff Center in Burbank California. A privatly run special education school. Some pictures are taken of different parts of the school. 

      One picture has a red arrow on it pointing to the location of the school's "Time Out" room. The actual time out room is located just outside the Gym. The room is to the left as you come out of the Gym. It's the size of a small. It's about 4 feet wide, and about 8 feet long, and has 7 feet tall walls. There is carpet on the floor and walls. No padding under the carpet, just a layer of what appears to be Berber carpet. 

      The door is a steel door with no handle inside. The inside of the door is totally flat with nothing to grab onto to open the door from the inside. On the outside of the door, it's not needed, but there is a steel handle like for a fridge that a staff member sits in a chair and holds to keep the door closed. You can't open from the inside anyway. 

       There is also a foot wide window at the top of the door. It's has a sheet of plexi glass and then on the inside of the room, there is a layer of wire mesh so you can't break the plexi glass. At the other end of the room, there is another window made of plexi glass and wire mess on the inside like on the door. 

       The room smells horribly of urine. When locked in the room, the staff refuse to let you out till they feel you have spent enough time "calming down". So most of the students just drop thier pants and urinate on the floor or walls, or they wet their pants trying to hold it. 

        And if your in the room during lunch, you don't get lunch that day. Typically students are kept in the room for 30 minutes - 2 or 3 hours. I have a picture of a solitary room door that is very similar to the "Time Out" room door below. I was kept in the room for several hours over the year or so I spent at that school. I still have nightmares and flashbacks of that room. I will never forget it. 

       The school actually has types rooms. One room they called "The Blue Room". The Blue Room is a room that is painted blue. There is a desk when you first walk in, and turn right in the back of the room is two cubicals with a desk and chairs in front of them. Your to sit in the chair and look at the wall and not talk till the staff say you can go back to class. Though there is the room that isn't talked about, that's the room by the gym, that is called the "Time Out Room".

       So for pictures, I have a overhead shot of the school and for that picture, I have a tan color arrow pointing to where the "Time Out" room is located. And there is another picture of what the door to the "Time Out" room looks like. Neither me or my parents were told about the room. I didn't find out about it until they used it on me. When I told my mom about the room, I was told I was lying, that they wouldn't do that to kids. Well.....they did, and they do. The room is still there and in use today. I checked. 

        If your a parent and your kids go to this school, check it out for yourself. I hope you make sure it's in your child's chart that this little so called "Time Out" room is not used on your kids. It's severly traumatizing. In another school that uses these rooms one kid, Jonathan King hung himself a few years back because he couldn't take being in the time out room (AKA Solitary room) at his school.
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