Charter Oak Hospital
  Covina California
This page was last updated on: April 7, 2022
        Below are pictures taken of Charter Oak Hospital. A privatly run childrens psychiatric hospital. Some pictures are taken of different parts of the hospital, and a overhead shot of the whole grounds and at the very bottom of this page is a video walkthrough of the children's unit at the back of the Charter Oak Hospital grounds. 

        The children's ward I was in is the building in the far upper right of the overhead shot below. I was in the unit that opens onto the tennis courts up there. The third picture is of the layout of the solitary rooms "Time out". 

       There is also a picture of the restraints used there and at all children's psychiatric hospitals. 401 series locking leather restraints. They cannot be removed without the key. They place one on each wrist, one on each ankle and then a leather belt across your waist to hold your waist to the mattress. You can bearly move. Forget itching that nose. You have to suffer. I hope this helps give you a better idea of the place.
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