The links below are sites that sell bed wetting alarms. The listings include the price for the alarm at a glance, any extra fee's such as shipping and handling or tax, the website's address, as well as a short description about the site and the things it offers. 

        Just a little tip of my own. Only a few bed wetting alarms include a baby monitor and program to go along with it. I highly recommend that if the bed wetting alarm does not have one included, that you pick up a baby monitor. You will only need the one for sound so you can hear when the bed wetting alarm goes off. This way you can hear the alarm as well, so you can go and help the child to wake up, use the bathroom, and then change the bedding if needed. 

       Sadly most bed wetting alarms don't include a way to let the parents know that an accident has happened. By using a baby monitor, you will know as well. Walmart has several monitors to choose from. From video, sound, and a few even offer the option to talk back like a walkie talkie. You can check out the monitors by clicking **HERE**

       As for a stop wetting program, we have one listed below. It's the first entry on the list below marked "Free Stop Bed Wetting Program". On the page is a short discription of the program as well as directions for downloading a PDF copy of the program for you to print out later. 

    I hope you find this information useful. More bed wetting alarm websites will be added over time as we learn of new alarms on the market. A update of such sites will be mentioned on the "Site Updates" page as they are added. Thank you for coming and please enjoy your stay here. Take care.

New Links Added This Month

This page was last updated on: April 6, 2022
Free Stop Bed Wetting Program

      The free stop bed wetting program was something I found online awhile back. The program claims a 90% success rate and claims it can cure a child in 3-6 months. Although children who have been wetting for a long time can take as long as 9-12 months. The program is a PDF file and you will need adobe acrabat which can be downloaded by going to The only thing you need is to choose a bed wetting alarm to use with the program. Below is a list of several to choose from or something you research and find for yourself. Good luck and dry night soon!.


The Dry Buddy System
Alarm Price: $239.00 (is currently on sale for $175.00) full system includes: One wireless Wetness/Urine Sensor, one Receiver/Alarm Module for the patient's room, one Receiver/Alarm Module for the parent/caretaker's room, and one wireless Keyfob to help reset the system. User's Instruction Manual included. Special Sale.

Extra Fee's: Replacement Sensor Unit: $99.00
                    Replacement Transceiver and Alarm Unit: $49.00
                    Transceiver, Alarm and Keyfob Unit: $61.00

       Information on the site includes: Enuresis explained. The history backround of enuresis and How enuresis is handled today, There is also Enuresis do's and don'ts. A list of things you should do that will help, and things you shouldn't do that can make the issue worse. There is a section called "System Overview" where you can see each part of the alarm system and there is a video that explains about the alarm in detail. They have a FAQ section that answers questions about the alarm and how it works. There is also a page of Testimonials to look over if you wish to know how other people felt about the alarm. 

Dri Sleeper
Alarm Price: 
Eclipse Model $152.00 (Plus $6.50 S&H)
Replacement Eclipse Sensor $60.00 (Plus $3.00 S&H)
Excel Model $76.50 (Plus $6.50 S&H and includes 2 sensors)
Excel Model $69.50 (Plus $6.50 S&H and includes 1 sensor)
Replacement Excel Sensor $14.00 (Plus $3.00 S&H)

       This website has several articles about bedwetting, including a article that explains that it takes 500 years for a disposable diaper or pull-up to break down in a landfill. If you find yourself on the page, the articles are worth a look.