This page was last updated on: April 6, 2022

      Welcome to the Bed Wetter's Directory for Philippines. Below are the Adult Bed Wetters in the Philippines. The Directory is Listed By State First, then city. If the area you want is not listed below, that's because there are no current listings for people in that area. Thank you.

National Capital Region
Name: Lauren
Age: 37 (as of 2016)
Sex: Female
City: Makati
How Long Bed Wetting: 37 years

Protection Used: Plastic Sheet, Diaper

Comments: Hi, I am a 37 year old lady from the Philippines. I have been wetting my bed almost every single night of my life. Waking up in the morning with a dry sheet is like a miracle and pure joy.
When I was 7 years old, I realized that not every child wet their bed. My family and the rest of our house help knows about it and some few people who knew about it during accidental situations. I will have to admit not a lot of people can understand. I urinate every 20-30 minutes.