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This page was last updated on: February 28, 2018

     Welcome to the Baby Directory for Germany. Below are the Adult Babies looking for Mommy's and Daddy's in Germany. The Directory is Listed By State First, then city. If the area you want is not listed below, that's because there are no current listings for people in that area. Thank you.

Schleswig Holstein
Name: Winipoo
Age: 31 (as of 2018)
Baby Age:
Sex: Male
City: Heide
Type: I Am A Daddy And AB
How long have you been Daddy/AB: As long as I can think
Looking for a: Mommy or a Daddy

Kinds Of Items You Have: Diapers, Bodys, Pacifier, Plugs and so on

Comments: I am a ABDL since my early years. Now I am wearing from time to time diapers as I find time for it. AND now I am looking for a mommy, daddy or Babysitter who can visit and been forced into diapers and rules for a roleplay ... A weekend or even a full week to can find my own borders. I never been 24/7 in diapers so that would be an interesting experience !!!!
Name: Flixi
Age: 23 (as of 2018)
Baby Age: 2
Sex: Male
City: Kiel
Type: I Am A AB And A DL
How long have you been AB/DL: 8 years
Looking for a: Babysitter

Kinds Of Items You Have:

Comments: I'm a genuine ABDL and DL for over 8 years and looking for a babysitter or mommy/daddy around my place. I like age play and being little. Would love to get in touch with someone to share my passion :)  p.s.: unfortunately we cannot meet at my place because I'm living with a roommate.