Friday, 8/23/02, 11:01 PM 
 From: Tacoma, WA USA 
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 Thursday, 8/22/02, 5:36 PM 
 Hey Stanley Great new site. I see you have been working hard on it. I am life long bedwetting adult. 36 y/o. I don't wet as often as when I was a kid. Still a few times a month. I wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants to bed every night. I don't mind wearing diapers. I also like to wear diapers in the day too just because I like to. Keep up the good work. 
 From: Atlantic Canada 
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 When u get to know me better 
 Tuesday, 8/20/02, 3:52 PM 
 love to chat with other like me in southwestern ont 
 From: london ont 
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 Sunday, 8/18/02, 8:18 PM 
 hi. how are you? i can pretty much relate to your story. although i've never been beat up, i still never really felt very good about myself. i don't know why. i've never felt confident about my ability to anything right. i still don't. i don't have any friends to talk to about my feelings or interests. it'd be nice if i could find a daddy-figure to treat me like a little baby boy again. i live just outside Seattle, Washington with my mom and my stepdad. my mom is busy working and my stepdad is old enough to be my grandfather! he's a nice guy, but i desperately need someone closer to my age. i'm 29 yrs old. if i could find a boyfriend/daddy to live with, be friends, whatever, i'd REALLY like that. i don't smoke or drink. i go to church on Sundays. i pray to Jesus everyday for many things. right now, i pray that SOMEONE is willing to be my friend. anyone who lives in the Seattle area? if you want to chat, call me. my phone number is (425) 466-1198. 
 From: Kirkland, Washington 
 Monday, 8/12/02, 8:15 AM 
 Keul like web site.I,m a Bed Wetter too.D. 
 From: Grant 
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 Saturday, 8/3/02, 6:52 PM 
 HI me babyLeroy my name wearing cloth diapers and rubber pants my game-I LOVE wearing them dont need too only enjoy it so much.Take care and keep up the good work Stan. 
 From: Pittston PA 
 Web Site:  dont have one 
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 uwe studnik 
 Thursday, 8/1/02, 1:49 PM 
 From: germany