APRIL 2012
Baby Boy Lover
Sunday, 4/1/2012 2:44PM

     Oh wow. I did not think this through. But I do know I LOVE and I mean, LOVE the whole diaper, adult baby love lifestyle. ALWAYS on my mind. The comfort and the joy of being in that space once more. To have that SPECIAL adult Baby Boy or adult Sissy Boy to hug. Wow. Got into it as a gag but I got hooked. I want friends! So cool to find others. I wanna play. I wanna play SAFELY.

Where are you from? Washington, District of Columbia
What is your e-mail address? BabyLoverCee@gmail.com
How did you find this site? AB/DL sites
I am AB/DL

Saturday, April 7, 2012 7:12 AM

     Oh... lol.... I wonder where all those lovely mommys on dpf wented too...ms wendy, auburn haired faire ball and all the cool babys... like, scooter, baby cakes, fish, scotty, slave baby girl, an, an, an lots I forgots, come to finks ob it's what happend to dpf? Me am play on secon life now, my fairys loves it.

Where are you from? UK
What is your e-mail address? rosella_marei@yahoo.com
How did you find this site? The fairys tolds me
I am just AB