APRIL 2001
Mommy Jane 
Monday, 4/2/01, 1:42 PM 

Hi BabyStanley Your site is great. I had to look at the photo of me that you put on your site. U R 1 Genious Baby, from BabyGeniouses. Wove you Mommy. 

From: Lodi, CA. 
E-mail:  msjane_th@yahoo.com
How did you find this site? Stanley told me :-) 


Sunday, 4/15/01, 6:24 PM 

hey dude nice crib. paln to buy plans when i have extra cash. Mabe e mail me and give me more info? It is so cool that you have my site in your links need to get yours and some others in mine haven't updated in awhile 

From: washington 
Web Site:  Bryan's Page Of Diapered Fun
E-mail:  babybry71@yahoo.com
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Tuesday, 4/17/01, 4:28 PM 

I've been surfing a bunch of sites and I don't even remember your name or what site I'm on, but your site stopped me in my tracks. I
seldom if ever send e-mail or "sign" the guest books of sites I visit. But I read your text. Yes, somebody didn't just look for pictures and surf on. I read the text on your site and I just want you to know that I wish you the very best in putting your life back together. My childhood was a cake walk compare to the way tiy describe yours, but "issues" still come out of nowhere and grab me in the ass when I least expect it. Wear your diapers proudly or discretely as long as you need to, but also continue to seek the help and support you need. It can be a long, lonesome, scary road back to "sanity", but we can all get back there as long as we keep fighting. Some days or weeks, we don't have much energy to fight. That's OK too as long as once we are "rested," we start to move forward again. Do your best ONE DAY AT A TIME. It may not be as good as you would like it to be, but as long as you keep trying and don't give up, you WILL make progress. Make the gods bless you and keep you safe. My best regards, Joe 

From: Green Bay, Wisconsin 
E-mail: clem74@execpc.com
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Saturday, 4/21/01, 1:18 PM 

cool site dude 

From: ohio 
E-mail:  hardwearmang@aol.com
How did you find this site? my friend stanley 


Tom Allan 
Sunday, 4/22/01, 12:59 PM 

From: saginaw 
E-mail:  bbalfano@cliffhanger.com
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Tuesday, 4/24/01, 2:13 PM 

Web Site:  NONE
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