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Your Name: Miss RinRin
Your age: 28
Your email address:  MissRinRinMommysRUs@yahoo.com
Type of party:  All Kinksters welcome 
Date of Party:  December 7th-December 10th 2017
Time of Party:  6pm
City and state where party is at:  Poconoes, Pennsylvania
Price to attend party:  $150.00 per day
Additional party information: Hello boys and girls. It's that time already to think about December's Kinksters Weekend Get-a-way. Anyone is welcome as long as you are respectful and abide by all rules.

The get-a-way will be Thursday December 7th at 6pm to December 10th at 9am. I will be renting a king suite hotel room at a local water park. (Roughly one hour away from Allentown PA). Breakfast will be provided in your fee on both Saturday and Sunday. Dinner will be provided by me (included In your fee) on both Friday and Saturday. I will also be bringing snacks, juice and water bottles. Lunch will be on you. You may feel free to bring your own food and snacks as well. A craft will be supplied and covered in your cover charge. I just don't know which one at this point.

I'm only booking one room regardless of the amount of people who come the room is very large. Everyone is welcome to stay in this room with me by sleeping on the floor or air mattress or they can call and reserve their own room if they prefer that. I figured this was the most cost effective way. Even if you book your own hotel room the fee is still the same for everyone based on the number of sign ups

**How to sign up**
Just click on this link and [register here]

Payments must be made in full by November 31st. Payments are non-refundable. And will be sent via PayPal to my personal account not a business account.

Break down of my cost upfront:
Hotel room: about $375 plus tax per night.
Waterpark tickets are $80.00 a person. Say 5 people come that's $400.00.
Food: $70 (snacks, hot food, drinks)
Crafts: $20 (give or take a few dollars)
Coloring books and crayons: $7.00-$10.00
So my total cost is about FILL BLANK
Tee-shirt designed by me: $25.00 (optional)

*If less then 5 Little's attend it will not be cost effective and I'll cancel the event.*

Your fee $150.00 for 1 night. You may come one night or stay all weekend. The price is per night. Cost of event will include all of the above plus diaper changes and 1 bath given by Miss RinRin

Never, ever give our location. Once I have a definitive RSVP list and at least 5 people pay via PayPal I will send you the hotel address via email where our event will be held. My email address is MissRinRinMommysRUs@yahoo.com please add me so I do not go into your spam folder.

To see other rules please go to: https://www.thekinkretreat.com/rules

I look forward to seeing all your smiling faces. I can't wait to see all my little friends.

-Miss RinRin

Your Name:  Tracy
Your Age:  20
Your email address:  goatleytracy@gmail.com
Phone Number:  (507) 281-1105
Type of party:  Adult Baby
Date of Party:  April 14th 2018
Time of Party:  2:30pm
City and state where party is at:  Rochester, Minnesota
Price to attends party:  $5.00 
Additional party information: There is people coming to my adult baby birthday