This page was last updated on: August 18, 2013
      First off I want to thank you now for taking the time to if nothing else, atleast read this and atleast look at the survey. You know so many sites on the internet are fixed. Take most web sites for example. You can't change the main page, you can't be a part of how it is set up or the type of services it provides.

       Well I have gotten some messages about the lack of things for the AB/TB/DL's to use. Be it links or other services. So this is your chance to help make some changes. I want to hear your idea's. No matter how wacky you think they might be. I don't care if it's to put a period after the title on the main page. I would like to hear your idea's you have to help better this site.

       I would like you to think about if you had made the site. How would you have set it up. Maybe different colors? What kinds of things would you have or would like to have here? Maybe we are missing something here as far as services. Basically what I would like to know is, what do you feel this site is missing to make it a more enjoyable place to visit if anything. Let's hear your thoughts.

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