Welcome to the AB/DL's Being AB/DL's page. We also have a few funny clips that didn't fit into the other two categories so we put them here that we thought you would enjoy. Below are text buttons that take you to the video. Just click on the link and you will be taken to the web site to view the video. That's it. Thanks, and enjoy.

       Note: Keep in mind that some videos are sometimes marked by youtube of adult nature by youtube members and require you to be a member of youtube to be able to view them. A youtube account is free to get and only takes minutes to sign up for. But most of the video clips here shouldn't require you to have an account to view it due to adult nature of the video.


This page was last updated on: April 5, 2022
The Christening (Guy puts adult crib together in driveway)
Adult Babies Are The New Bandage Tire!!!
Little Baby Pout
I Can Feed Myself!
Poddy Training
Diaper Wars
Bedwetter part 1 (Sad but funny short film about bed wetting)
Bedwetter part 2 (The second half to the first part)
"MANFANT" (Part 1 of 2)
"MANFANT" (Part 2 of 2)
GoodNites for Teens (Ad a teen did about goodnites)
Just Crap Yourself Superbowel Ad
Extreme Depends (Diapers for the extreme active lifestyle)
Depends! (ad someone made about wearing them for road trips)
Depends commercial (fake superbowl ad)
Depends Commercial (guy makes his own ad)
Silver Bullet Man Diapers (Fake ad for diapers, very funny)
Thuggies Diapers - New TV Commercial!!!! (getto diapers)
Don't Baby Me (woman changes a guy in a resturant)
How a diaper is made (Abena diapers factory)
3 In The Morning (Girl stuck in high chair, dad comes home early)
Adult Baby Commits Suicide!!!!! (AB scene from CSI's "King Baby")
Sissy Knickers (Video of different sissy clothing)
Re: The Diaper Files: Talk 1 (Another You Can't Do That On TV Clip)
Diaper Cake / Nappy Cake Tutorial (Interesting gift for new AB/DL's)
Japanese Office Diaper - 3 (Office with everyone in diapers)
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