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         Note: Keep in mind that some videos are sometimes marked by youtube of adult nature by youtube members and require you to be a member of youtube to be able to view them. A youtube account is free to get and only takes minutes to sign up for. But most of the video clips here shouldn't require you to have an account to view it due to adult nature of the video.


This page was last updated on: April 5, 2022
    This clip is a music video done by two guys to a song called "The Final Countdown" by Europe. The magicly go from fully clothed to only to wearing a diaper and dance throughout the entire video in nothing but diapers. Meanwile there is the guys sister or mother sitting on the sofa on the lower right hand part of the screen most of the video acting like nothing is wrong. It's very funny. 
    This clip is a music video of a young lady singing about her need for depend diapers because of her wetting and messing accidents. 
    This clip is a music video of 2 woman in depends and t-shirts dancing on a bed to "This is why it's hot".
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